Intuition of the believer

Intuition of the believer


General idea about intuition

The word "intuition" derived from the Latin "intueri", which means "see inside" or "inner vision". Amazing human psychic ability that allows to get the answers without the participation of the rational mind, logical conclusions, and sometimes even before the question... Intuition is associated with intelligence and is the "mind of the heart". As John White said: "this is the experience of the inner knowledge which can be felt as clearly as logical thought".

Intuition is the sudden discovery of necessary things. You, for example, needed it, and suddenly after a while girlfriend gives it to you or a child brings home, or you suddenly come across it on the way to the garden, etc. That is, "next" or "there" is suddenly in front of you, in your hands. The "thing" in this case a loose concept. It may be an idea, and the memory, and some knowledge in which you needed, or inspiring to the case in which you doubted mood. Or, conversely, disturbing thoughts that stop from questionable act.

Famous inventor Alva Edison Tommaso said that his genius - is two percent inspiration and 98 percent of the work. For successful business percentage of thinking, precise calculations with the intuition is similar to "Edison genius" - two percent intuition and ninety eight - well though-out plan.

Intuition of the believer

Intuition, as we said above it is the mind of the heart. This is a kind of mill, which is inaccessible to us. But the fruits of its activities often fill the harvest of our intellectual and spiritual activity, making it richer and more varied.

In the philosophy of the life of a Muslim his main tool is knowledge - knowledge of evil deeds, approved and the ability to distinguish between dubious based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah. This knowledge we gain from the precepts of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who said: "The pursuit of knowledge - the duty of every Muslim man and woman".

At the same time, we know that the Prophet (peace be upon him), gave meaning and intuitive knowledge - knowledge of the heart. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) argued that piety - in the heart.

The purer the heart, the stronger intuition

Assume that a "circle of intuition" proportional to the level of piety, iman of a person. The stronger, deeper Iman, the more sensitive is the heart, the more active intuition. This refers to the perception of own actions, self-reported severity. For example, one person abused another and not even think about it. A second repent before Allah, asking for forgiveness from the offended. Or another case: someone spends all day in idleness and believes that he is doing well and the other regrets the missed without favor or worship time. Attitude to own business, defines the state of the heart, faith.


Should not be confused the instigation of Satan with intuition or with the voice of own passions. Passion and instigation induce us to sin, and intuition warns against;

Do not confuse intuition with suspicion and bad thoughts about others. Do not attempt to "pass" on intuition on the road, where necessary specific knowledge and meditation. For example, if you are asked about the permissibility or prohibited something, do not rely on your mind, you have to refer to reliable sources in the collections of Hadith, Quran, fatwas Ulama. The same is true with respect to ourselves and in relation to mundane matters, the experiments which may be harmful.

Intuition is a gift of the Almighty, revealed to help righteous slaves. When other arguments do not act persuasively, intuition helps to determine the right way: the heart as a compass points the right direction. But to see it under a pile of doubt and contradictory arguments, the need to keep the "scoreboard" compass clean and on a level surface. It is appropriate to recall the words of Imam Al-Shafi'i, who said: "Be and faqih, and Sufi - but not one of them. Truly, I instruct you for the sake of Allah. Fakih, but not a Sufi - his rough heart, and it does not know the taste of taqwa (piety). Sufi, but not faqih - he is a jahil (ignorant), and how to succeed jahil?"

Relying on intuition without knowledge is the path of error, and rely only on knowledge without attraction to them of own heart is the path to the bad temper.

So let wanting to eat the fruits of the sixth sense to prepare it right soil - sowing part in the heart correct knowledge and flavored with his gentleness and wisdom.

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