Insatiable eyes



Insatiable eyes


Once the governor of the state has changed his appearance and left to roam the country. On the bank of the river, he suddenly met a beggar fisherman who caught the fish. A man could not catch, and he was sad. Early in the morning he could not catch fish to feed his family.

Responsive government decided to help this poor man and made him an offer:

"Whatever is caught on your bait first, I will give you gold."

The man happily threw his rod into the river. After some time the hook caught on a bone in the middle of which was a hole. The Governor and the fisherman were sad, but it's better than nothing. The fisherman said, "then that's my share. I am ready to completion of the agreement."

The Governor brought the fisherman to the Palace. He told his people: Give the gold from the state treasury to the fisherman on the weight of the bone!"

The slaves looked at the bone and put it on the scales. On another bowl put a few gold coins. However, the balance is not leveled. They put another 5-10 coins, but of the balance, where lay the bone did not even flinch. The balance was exhausted, but it did not change anything.

Finally they realized that this is a mystery. Servants reported about this to the Governor. The Governor immediately called the Holy sage and asked him.

A wise man took a bone in his hands and looked at it, then said, "This bone - eye pit of a greedy man. Even if you put all of the state treasury to weigh the bone, it will not move. Because insatiable. But it's enough handfuls of the graund."

And actually, he put on the scales one handful of the ground, and a bowl with bone moved from the place.

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