How to stop being stupid?

How to stop being stupid?


My funny and good editors asked me to write on the topic "How to stop being stupid?" I think the word "fool" - too offensive to any of my sisters-Muslim. Therefore, leaving the name the same, I will write about how to be reasonable. After all, what it means - to be a fool? Perhaps, in a broad sense, it means to commit indiscretions. So we will talk about what ways have to go to be at the height of intellectual Olympus.

What to do?

Fool - it's not just insulting word, fool - a chain of stupid things, stupidity and ... miserable fate?  No. Fate has nothing to do with it. After all, you can be stupid and being the daughter of good people, smart husband and wife living in abundance. For example, losing a loved father and mother to give your husband in the other hand and lose the property. Is not it better from the start, "smarter" and not just to be prudent in the use of property, but also in maintaining and increasing the precious resources, given by Almighty. For example, time, intellectual, spiritual opportunities, opportunities for professional growth.

How to become intelligent?

Mind - God's gift to His favorite creatures [Muslims]. If you were born and/or live as a Muslim - rejoice - half of what is called "mind" you have. To be reasonable, do not need to read a lot of books or conduct interviews with philosophers. One should only read the books (it must first be religious books) and talk with smart people on exciting topics (in this case with the Ulama).

You can live your life as you like - at parties, fun, at weddings, in idleness, indolence, hunt for pleasure. However, we Muslims believe in life after death more than the fact that the earth is spherical in shape. We also believe in and are deeply convinced that there will be a report for ours actions. The blows of fate everyone feels on their skin. So, it's time to ask a question. No, not the "why" and "what to do".


Allah forgives the sins of a person, even if they are more than the sea foam, even if they reach the sky. But it must be one condition - to repent. Repent, even if you are convinced of your own infallibility, repent, even if you are "better" than many of the other girls, repent, even if every day you read the Quran by heart and make a two hundred rak'at. Repent! This will free your mind and open up new horizons for happiness and mercy of God. Take a shower of heart - Repent!


The problem of mothers and daughters often also relevant as the problem of fathers and children. Growing up, the girls often consider themselves more intelligent, advanced than their conservative mother.

Islam is a universal religion. When the question concerns the relationship of children and parents, Islam responds with honour and respect». No matter what. Because the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and greet, did not prohibit to communicate with parents who were pagans. And when Sa'd Ibn Abu Ваккас was rude to his mother, trying to turn him from Islam, he was subjected to criticism - «be gentle to your mother".

We need to honor and respect our parents, whatever they may be.

Circle of Friends

To paraphrase the words of "The Godfather," I will say this: "If you friend of onions and garlic, the smell of roses from you will not". Friends - an important link in the development of our personality. We gradually adopt their habits, sayings, outlook on life. They affect the way we spend time. And if more than a half of them wants the casino, and you avoid the forbidden, then you will either have to part with them, or to part with piety.

Personal life

In the construction of your personal life, too important not to be stupid.

All this is good, but without that quality which the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and greet bequeathed to look for the companions, all of it is empty.

The Inner Voice

The hadith says: "Ask your heart, even if people will advise." In each of us a sense of inherent intuition, which accurately defines a "yes" or "no." Sometimes it can be stamped out by the voices of friends, parents, conflicting speakers. Everyone is given one life. And as God has given everyone only one chance - you should be more economical, prudent «exploitation».

Your voice will never fail you, if it is consonant with the will of God. Yes, you need to exercise faith, to try to live according to the precepts of God, to follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. And then I can say for sure - you will not be a fool.

Accept Islam, live under the laws of Allah and do not be "fools." Peace to you, sisters!

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