How to prepare for the wedding night?

How to prepare for the wedding night?


This is the night full of secrets, which the newlyweds tenderly, anxiously awaiting. It is desirable to put on fancy clothes, put on scent of incense for young couples. The groom, entered to the bride, should first say hello to her, give her a small gift, treat anything and heart to heart talk. Then it is desirable that young people individually committed two rak'at prayer and asked Allah to make their lives happy and full of abundance. This will help young people to take a break and calm down, because prayer has a powerful psychological impact.

If the wedding night fell on the bride's menstrual cycle, the sexual act is, of course, lay on the other days, sexual intercourse in the days of the Haida is haram.

I would not want to ignore the custom, still common in Muslim Nations, expected completion of the sexual activity between young outside the door of the room to check bed and ensure innocence of the bride. But controlling the young, the study of questions that should remain a secret between the couple is a custom that leads to haram. This custom violates regulations of Islam does not spy and do not spy on other people. It may be a situation that the bride may be subject to unwarranted suspicion, may be affected by her honor and dignity. These practices are able to put a shadow on the attitudes of young and overshadow the rest of life. Therefore, Muslims should make every effort to abandon such practices contrary to the foundations of Islam.

Wedding night requires patience and delicacy. On the shoulders of men great responsibility. Fear and excitement of the bride are quite normal and a man must do everything to make this night is not disgusted at the bride and did not frighten her, for it may imprint for life.

First, the girl is quite difficult to get out of his parents' home, where she spent all her years, and start a new life in a new house, submit to the man, and at this point she is in need of understanding and affection. No woman will ever forget the first man. And if the first night will be full of new and good feeling when everything will be surrounded by kindness and love, she will be grateful to him for life. Even if they for some reason are separate, memories of the first night will always evoke pleasant feelings.

On the first night some young people think to show their masculinity and are rude and tactless. Wedding night requires sensitivity, and a man should give more than take. Every man needs to learn that the first night can have a big impact on the future life of the family.

We cannot start with undressing. It is desirable that the girl did it herself. While in no case be immediately greedily treat the body of the bride. In most cases, the first time in the life of a man undressing in front of the girl is experiencing unprecedented shame. Male body causing her fear. So the first time you must pay off or reduce the light bulb or undress behind a curtain, and a man's best not to look towards the bride. First you need to remove outer clothing and underwear - in bed, under the covers.

In the first wedding night very important love games and affection. She might be ever shy, she will start to calm down.  If a man will show the delicacy and will behave as expected, the bride begins to slowly awaken desire.

Defloration is not a painful act, as it seems to many girls. Normal girl and boy it will not cause any trouble. The main pre-love games to prepare the girl to have sex.  If the bride can't calm down and feel a strong emotion, the groom should try to understand her and postpone sexual intercourse on the following day.

Excessive persistence or brute force can cause the girl's disease, which is called vaginismus. In this disease there is a spasm of female genitals, penetration of penis into vagina becomes impossible. Even if the sexual act happens, it causes excruciating pain in women.

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