How To Not Fall For The Tricks Of The Shops


Returning from the store, you often feel sorry about spending money that could be spent on other needs? It happens that you buy a lot of superfluous and unnecessary, which adversely affects the family budget, and therefore never have enough money. Not surprisingly, because the sellers go to all sorts of tricks for profit.

Today let's talk about the tricks of shops, in which even the most prudent and careful buyers are caught.

To begin with, that is usually not the passing and expensive good exhibited on the racks at the store aisles.

If you look on the shelf rack, located at eye level or at arm's length, you will find product that you can quickly remember the annoying advertising on television or on billboards. In the language of sellers is called "Golden Shelf" and it brings good income store.

If you are aiming to buy a similar product at a lower price, then look on the bottom shelf of the rack. There are less expensive goods, though perhaps not the best quality.

Approaching the department of fruit and vegetables, remember that the goods have been hung and packed, often more expensive than sold by weight. After all, you 're not just paying for the goods, but also packaging services. Seasonal fruits and vegetables is better to buy at the market. It's healthier and safer.

It happens that they attach a "gift" to principal product, stimulating consumer demand. So often it's not the gift, as its price is already included in the price of the main product. Just find the "gift" of similar products on the shelf and see its price.

Do you really think that sale of goods is carried out from the generosity and love of the shop owner to the buyers? Often under the sale gets expired product or shelf life which is coming to an end. Why write off the rotten goods without any benefit to the store, if it can be to quickly get rid of at a lower price?

If you have chosen a certain shop and always plan to do there shopping, it is better to get a card of permanent customer.

Scheduling a trip to the store for groceries, eat beforehand. If you are hungry, delicious smells, such as confectionery, make you not buy those products that you really want.

Do you know why such necessary every day goods, like bread, dairy products, meat can be found in the depths of the trading hall or in different its ends? Because while you go for thing you came, on the road you are considering other products, not necessities. And, yielding to a beautiful wrapper, add them to the cart.

Thus tempted by the different goods, you get to dairy department with a full trolley of unnecessary things that the managers of a trading hall wanted to achieve. 

If you take the children with you, be prepared to ensure that they gain uphill lollipop, soda, chips and other unnecessary for children growing organism "goodies". Therefore, it is better to go to the store without children.

Do you often notice confusion in the price list? This is also a marketing ploy. You will not stand for long and understand them, grab a favorite product and go to the checkout, where to your surprise find that you buy is not the cheapest product.

Pleasant and good shopping!


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