How to change a child’s attention from the TV screen and the computer?

How to change a child’s attention from the TV screen and the computer?

The problem is how to transfer the child's attention from the "blue screen" or on the computer monitor as relevant as ever today. How wisely and effectively, without overhead of a moral and psychological plan to solve this delicate task because it is impossible to give the child a solid Muslim education, prohibiting the use or hiding electronics away from children.

If the father and mother of the child does not wish he sit all day at the screen, then they should offer him some kind of useful and exciting experience. The mayor of one of the Turkish cities, having studied this problem, proposed a program of education of children. According to programm, the child spends all his time in three places: of course, at home, at school and in the children's entertainment center. What exactly are such a leisure center? This four-story building, on the ground floor which is a gymnasium, on the second - a dining room and a library, on the third floor are classrooms and a room for prayer, and on the fourth floor - bedrooms. Children come to this center after the lessons, where there are all the conditions. They deal with teachers and educators. They can at any time call parents and tell what children are doing.

It is clear that we still do not have such conditions and opportunities, but in this example you can organize the leisure time of the child in the home. You can not solve a problem by turning off the TV or computer. You must do something in terms of leisure activities, otherwise children will find something to their liking. It is necessary to compile a program for the next week. Today the schedule to the indoor swimming pool, tomorrow - the stadium, the next day - cultural outing to the theatre. And we should not forget about the spiritual development of the child, that he thought about the canons of the universe, learned the basics of Shariah, knew the rules of salat and some Du'a. We have to be always near with children. We have to go for a walk with children, go for a drive on skates and skis, to be not only at home, but also to visit the residence of the child, where are brought up children, left without parents. The child must also see these aspects of life, the people who are in a difficult financial situation, the disabled and the elderly. Then in his soul ripen such simple and human emotions like compassion and pity in relation for the neighbor.


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