How to become happy: 10 simple tips



Luxury apartment, an expensive car, money and other wealth does not make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind. But life often becomes the pursuit of it.

The basic rules of attaining happiness is simple enough. We present to your attention the 10 easy rules that will make you happy.

1. "Turn on" happiness.

We are all born happy. Remember how as a child you happy raced home from school only because ended lessons? Remember that in childhood happy you made the little something, and not the special, "miracle", which we are so thirsty, getting older.

Tune in for luck and remember that the reasons for joy very much.

2. Understand that happiness is not a destination, it is, and the way.

We are all granted a magic book of life. Make sure you focus on the fulfillment of the mission called "life" and enjoy the journey through it. Live each page of your life and spend every day as if it was your last.

3. Learn to cope with disappointment.

No one can completely control your life, we all too often frustrated by reason or another. The basic rule of happiness - is to learn to live with disappointment and accept them as an integral part of our existence.

4. Live here and now.

There is no sense to live in anticipation of tomorrow, hoping that tomorrow will be something that will make you happy. Remember that the past is gone, tomorrow - is unknown, but life - here and now. Enjoy life while spending time with your family, fulfill your dreams, make your imagination soar, because this is your journey.

5. Define the meaning of your life.

When you live in accordance with the purpose of your life, you feel happy and satisfied, that increases the chances of happiness.

6. Set goals and achieve them.

The goal is the meaning and the essence of hope, it makes us wake up in the mornings, increases our value and belief in ourselves.

7. Learn to see the beauty in simple things.

Enjoy the usual things. Many millionaires finally realize that money is not the main point and in the pursuit of riches and pleasures they miss the most important things that make people happy, just as you don't notice small sparkling diamonds scattered on your path of life.

8. Learn to give.

Learn to give and you start getting. Giving yourself, your time and attention usefully, you will be rewarded great happiness - it is a universal law of the Universe.

9. Never sacrifice your family.

Imagine that you live in a posh house, you have a fancy car and a lot of other luxuries. Wealth is almost always means the victim in the form of your time. Perhaps for that you have to overshadow your relationship, that can lead to a deterioration of relations with some of them. But ultimately, all these riches have no value if no one with whom to share it with.

10. Do not let past overshadow your future.

Your past is over, it is in the past. You can not change the past, wise and happy people learn from their past and go forward with a full baggage of experience.


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