How can we achieve true happiness?

How can we achieve true happiness?


The main flaw of today's reality is the desire of some people to live happily, mindlessly burning life, as they say, enjoy life. A simple mortal says approximately like this: and what is it to me to devote time to prayer, attending the mosque, listening to the instructions of the elders. Still that was not enough! While I am young, we must snatch a little more, to enjoy to the full, and old age comes, have time, have a whole life ahead! And having removed himself from all worldly problems, a young man or a girl «drift» from one entertainment institution to another. Moving from luxurious resorts in Dubai to Antalya or Bali. Fortunately, that parents with money and are willing to help their children. And that, according to representatives of the "golden youth", the top of happiness. However, in life there and the "late autumn", and with it the old age. That's really when you start to think about that much gone forever. What hangs in the balance, which should accumulate good deeds and acts for which you will thank the Almighty? And there's emptiness!

 If a man had all the riches of the earth, his joy and happiness would be only to the extent to which has given Allah Ta'ala. In Sura Baqara» about it very clearly and thoughtfully mentioned.

Some have everything - a big house and some shops, the owners are literally bathed in luxury. And happiness is not present because they have become slaves of their wealth. And as you know, the grace - either it is or it is not! It is the will of Allah.

We can often hear this too: they say, I have the family, the wealth, the house - a full cup, but to go home for some reason do not want to. Or someone complains, that the wealth amassed by ball-breaker.

True happiness comes only when you believe in the Almighty. They say: "This man is a God-fearing, regularly reads namaz, but is constantly in need, keep Uraza, often sick and therefore can not find a job. He had neither wealth nor career. How can we explain this?"

Allah Ta'ala seeks to provide a place in paradise every mortal. Only through misery and suffering you will attain the path to truth and understand it.  Some people can not be tried by poverty, their challenge is wealth, prosperity. If the poor person perceiving God, convinced that He loves him, he is on the right path. The happiness of man - a sincere belief in Allah. And how to keep in mind that belief? Even when the need can not find a job. Only one way - comprehend God, every day read the verses of the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith. Obey their instructions, and your soul will be filled with a sense of happiness.

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