Go through the difficulties of life...

Go through the difficulties of life...


Allah tells us in the Quran that he appointed a certain period of time to everything.  It concerns difficulties and problems. Everything has a beginning and an end. Everything has appointed time. Every situation in our lives is the appointed time, after which comes to an end or change.

There were several periods of my life when this verse helped me so much and comforted me. It is "simple", but such a deep verse:

“Therefore, wait for the Judgment of your Lord with patience, We are surely watching over you”. (52:48)


This short verse contains many valuable lessons for the man:


  1. Allah controls every situation in your life. So just be patient. Everything has its time. And the difficulty is also temporary. It will not last forever. And Allah knows all things.
  2. "You're in front of Our eyes»: Even in the «appointed time» the difficulties of life, you are in front of Him. He cares about you at any period of life.
  3. But you must have patience, because the Will of Allah is in control of the situation (and that, when all is over, or change). And also mindful of the fact that he is your guardian, even in a period of difficulties. Are under His protection, you can be patient. Your ability to be patient is one of the largest of His provisions and gifts.


Knowing that God sees that what we go through, and under His control, we should take comfort in this and endure until better times, knowing that He is with us.

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