Four stages of love of God in relation to his servant

Four stages of love of God in relation to his servant

The Creator addresses test to mere mortals, so that they could see their shortcomings, penetrated and made efforts to correct them. Who understood it, resigned and took the road to reform, of course, later will find relief.

 According to the theologians, the love of God in relation to his servant can be identified by the following four characteristics: first, if punishment immediately come after sin, it means that God loved his sinful servant, and wishes him quickly get back on the right path. The love of God can be expressed by the fact that a preacher is born in the soul of the person or the inner voice of the soul. He plays the role of deterrence of various erroneous steps. In some people, the inner voice is very sharp and strong, allowing restrain the sinful and forbidden. The third feature - if Allah loves you, people will treat to you with their troubles and worries. People will often come to you for financial support, or any advice. At the same time, if you no matter what you will try to help them decide their problems positively - that this is the love of God is expressed. And for that, that you had the opportunity to assist and support those who suffer, and He will provide you the status and power. The fourth feature - Allah Ta'ala sent his favorite slave while sleeping on the right path and give him a charge.

Several years ago in Egypt during the meeting of theological scholar-physician heard the Holy Qur'an Sura "Yusuf". This sura tells the story about the blind from the sorrow of the father of Yusuf. Scientist wondered, what is the secret of this tissue and came to the conclusion that his shirt was soaked then, has magical properties - it is able to cure cataract! He did experiment with pet rabbit lenses, which were partially affected by cataract. The eyes were dripped sweat. Results of the experiment exceeded expectations - the lenses have come to life. Egyptian ophthalmologist concluded that human sweat tends to improve vision and restore it from cataracts. He invented a special vaccine and even patented it for mass production.

This case once again confirms the above. How many people this doctor oculist have cured, God gave him the gift. And now he had a revelation again, and this is not accidentally. Together with the wide fame and material compensation...

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