Fortunately, none of the wilderness is vast


Whom Allah guides to the straight path, none can be misleading. And whom will he leave, none can guide to the straight path.


Falling – fly

Two travelers met in the Desert of Sadness.

- How did you get here? – Asked  one another.
- Life did not love me, - said another - and one day its dislike led to the fact that I didn't care where to go. Then I went aimlessly, was in the Desert of Sadness and got lost in it.
- How long have you been here?
- A very long time ago. Here is a terrible wasteland - no conditions for life. One day is no different from the other, but each of them takes into oblivion two more.
- What a pity that in the world there are places... I also ended up here, but quite by accident. Fortunately, none of the wilderness is vast, and I want as soon as possible to get out of here.
- You are naïve! Desert of Sadness is a vicious circle. Hence there is no exit. We're walking on it for the second hour, but wasn't this time something has changed?
- Changed! Look! - Exclaimed the first traveler, pointing into the distance. - Up ahead, there is not an oasis?
- Mirage...
- Suppose this is an oasis? Come on, Look at!

Yes, it really was an oasis. Its residents warmly welcomed the travelers, because each of them also had to overcome the desert, before they got here. There was water, plants, animals. People cared about them and were happy.

- I want to stay here! Look how beautifully around! – First was delighted.
- What good have you seen? – surprised the second.
- Primitive farming, no comfort, continuous boredom, sadness and hopelessness.
- But we ourselves can build everything we need! It is in our power!
- Do not you understand? Muttered sullenly the second.
- Here you have to fight for happiness in the same way as elsewhere. Oasis - the same desert, but festively decorated. Look at this carefully: do you think these people love life?
- These people love life! – said the first. - And even if around the desert, they do not live in the desert.
- They argued for a long time, but did not come to a consensus.

At night, the second did not close an eye, all turning from side to side. First, just fell asleep and slept well until the morning. Waking up in the morning, he did not find his friend. All the inhabitants of the oasis were raised on their feet. They looked for everywhere, in all the huts all over. And finally they found him.

Lonely set of footprints stretching into the distance – to the Desert of Sadness...


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