Do not wait outstreched hand



Do not wait outstreched hand

The Hadith says that the believers in their love, mercy and support each other like a single structure, in which some parts support other. Also in the hadith the ummah is likened to the body, if one gets sick body, pain-echoes in others. Muslims will not necessarily be related communications, to support each other and help. But at the same time, our faith is more reliable connection between a single chain of worship our hearts and our minds. The stronger the faith, the stronger the relationship between believers.

If a person does not feel love and compassion for their brothers in the faith, if he is not worried about their situation - is the result of his weak faith and religious inferiority.

There is a story, which refers to the man who came to beg to friend. Knowing that he needed cash 400 dirhams, a friend gives it to him and he returned to the house, begins to cry. The wife asks why it was necessary to give money, if he is so worried. To which this Muslim replied, "I'm not crying because I feel sorry for the money. And because he had come to me for help before I suggested it myself”.


Do not wait outstreched hand

Be attentive to your brothers and sisters, be sensitive. Stretch out your hand for alms and assistance before extend the hand of the request. Help those in need all that you can: money, work, the word, Dua. Do not stay away from the troubles of close people - brothers in faith. And God will not aside from your own needs. Someone who cares about others in this world, the Almighty helps him in his affairs. The one who will satisfy the need of his brother, will find it for himself in the most trying day - the day of the judgment. Be Muslim, be good. Do not neglect even a small help for those in need. Perhaps it will return to you the big size.

Sometimes there come times when the indifference and inaction equal to the crime. Don't wait outstretched hands!

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