Deserve the praise of the angels


Iragim ibn Edhem (kuddisa sirruhu) says:

"One night I spent the night under a rock near the Al-Aqsa Mosque. When was part of the night, two angels went down. Between angels occurred following dialog:

- Who is there?

- Ibrahim ibn Edhem!

- This Ibrahim ibn Edhem, the same Ibrahim ibn Edhem whose degree lowered Allah?

- Why did Allah Almighty dropped his degree?

- While in Basra, he bought dates. He got one date, which belonged to the owner of the store.

In the continuation Ibrahim ibn Edhem, said: "As soon as morning came, I went to Basra and bought dates from the same person. The dates which I bought I took one date, and put it to the dates which lay on the counter, and then returned to al-Aqsa mosque. I decided to spend the night under the same rock. When was part of the night, two angels come down from heaven.

One of the angels asked the other, "Who is there?" The second angel said: "Here a man whose power was exalted for what he returned one excessive date to the owner.

(Ruhul -Bayan 2/131)


The true fear of God is to strictly observe the rights of others.

Haram and even that is doubtful, are the cause of the decline in the degree.


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