Beautiful Statuses About Islam


Any status that we read on the Internet, on the pages of friends in social networks, advertising, newspaper, etc. always bear any meaning. It can be humor, sarcasm or wise counsel. Through them we can tell about our desires, the mood, tell about our culture. Statuses about Islam endowed with deep meaning and are able to tell others about your relationship to this religion.

Statuses about Islam and Allah

• In Islam simply does not exist any difference between women and men in question of relation to God. They all have the same reward or punishment for any of their actions. 

• O Allah! Save Islam and Muslims! And grant us to adhere to Islam until the end of our life!

• I'm not afraid of anyone except God, because if I deserve punishment, that only from Him!

• Pray and you will be heard by Allah.

• In the morning, opening his eyes, gave praise to God for a new day, smile and say, "I promise I'll be better today than yesterday. Insha Allah ..."

• I will enter quietly into the mosque. Pray for the family. I will ask quietly Allah: "Take care of them, I pray. And for myself I do not ask, and do not dare to ask. Thank you God for all that I have".

• Supreme hear any whisper of prayer of a sincere heart.

• May Allah give strong Iman, health and happiness in both worlds, who is reading these lines.

• Path of Allah - the way of love and mercy, and not the path of war and violence. Like many, unfortunately, mistakenly think.

• Allah answers prayers in three ways: He says "YES" and gives you what you want ... He says "NO" and give something better ... He says, "WAIT", and gives the best.

• Allah is not a body and does not have parts, you can not imagine - this belief of Muslims!

• Allah is the best listener ... You do not need to scream or cry out loud because he hears every whisper of prayer, a sincere heart.

Status of the religion of Islam

• I'm cold, let wear Hijab! Let's pray namaz! Do not torment me, I can not live without Iman! Like a bird in a cage, I'll die without Islam!

• The best book in the world - is the Quran.

• Islam is my life!

• Heal your wound with namaz.

• I am satisfied (pleased) that I am on the path of Truth, Allah, my Lord, that Islam is my religion and Muhammad is my Prophet (peace be upon him).

• Muslims are people just like you (happy, sad, laugh, cry). Only they know why they live.

• As water cleanses man from dirt and prayer purifies man from sin.

• Pray and remember every time how valuable your every Namaz, and let the heart like fear, growing your love for Allah!

• For a Muslim cannot be the reward higher than the grace of Almighty Allah and respect for his..

• Let this world is given to us by Allah, for all will be native.

Statuses about life

• Success in this world is to be able to spend your life that leads to the pleasure of God.

• Never envy what others have! Allah knows best what is good for you!

• A man is reflected in his actions.

• When pointing the finger at others, look at the other three fingers pointing at yourself.

• Who takes - fills the palm. Who gives - fills the heart.

• Do your best and God will do the rest.

• If in your life there will be people who will read a prayer for you, then you do not live this life in vain!

• A Muslim woman - she does not need a prince on a white horse, she needs a brother with Iman in the soul ...

• Wealth is not a lot of property. Wealth is the wealth of the soul.


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