Assault summer

Assault summer


Dera Ismail Khan, Benghazi, Baghdad - geography taken by storm prisons is growing. At night on July 29, fifteen hundreds of heavily armed police surrounded the built 100 years ago prison in the city of Dera Ismail Khan unexpectedly for prison guards rushed to storm the building, freeing 248 members of the Taliban. July 27 in Benghazi under mysterious circumstances more than a thousand escaped prisoners from prison, among them were leaders of the former regime and known opponents of the current authorities. A couple of days before the events in Benghazi was arranged grandiose special operation to release the prisoners two Baghdad prison - the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in the suburbs and Taji. The result - 500 prisoners in freedom.

Today, we are witnessing that terrorist groups in the Middle East have mastered and successfully put into practice new tactics of warfare. Hostage-taking has ceased to be a relatively simple and effective method of achieving the goals. Last capture occurred in India in 1999. Then the group "Harakat ul-Mujahidin" ("Movement of holy warriors") captured the Indian Airlines plane, demanding release from Indian jails three of their members. The requirements have been met. However, after the events of September 11 almost all the major airlines have tightened security measures. Also, captured airliner now may well be shot down by fighter aircraft, if there is risk of repeat scenario of September 11.

For the first time a new way of liberation was "tested" in 2006 in Yemen, when prisoners escaped from prison in Sana'a, then formed structure under the name al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. 

However, the tightening of security measures is not the only reason why terrorist groups decided to storm the prison containing their colleagues. The main reason is that they just become stronger in the conditions when the state institutions in a number of countries in the region are experiencing hardship, suffering from increased levels of corruption and not supported by the population. It is a demonstration of the weakness of state institutions could become one of the main goals of the terrorist attack in Pakistan on the eve of the presidential elections.

The main terrorist groups showed that are strong enough for serious operations, by level comparable with the army, and, according to experts, it can not be spoken about coordination of efforts between different groups, because terrorist groups such "successful and well propagandized" operations inspire each other on the new shares, however, creating a dangerous trend.

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