Are Eggs Halal Or Haram?


All eggs are permissible, but not all of them fit the standard "Halal"

What can we say about eggs? This is a finished product, to which nothing is to mix and do not change the composition. But the quality of the eggs depends on the quality of the content and feeding the chickens. For example, in the UK production of organic eggs are divided into categories depending on the conditions in which was grown bird: 

Category- 3 in the cell;

Category 2 - in the hangar;

Category 1 - intentionally walked;

Category 0 - intentionally walked + organic food (the most expensive egg).

In Russian it is the marking of eggs by their weight. However, in order egg was larger, and the yolk brighter chickens fed with different drugs. Of course, that the egg does not cease to be Halal, because basically it is permissible product. But the "Halal", which follows the Committee for "Halal" standard of Tatarstan, provides for the principle of preservation of quality and maximum naturalness of the product. Therefore, to describe its products are ecologically clean and healthy, some manufacturers have started to certify eggs under the brand of "Halal". 

In Tatarstan, eggs under the sign of the Committee on standard "Halal" DUM RT produces LLC "Laishevsky branch" STC "Ak Bars". Produced inspection and control of production ensures that the chickens fed with high quality and healthy food, excluded hormonal supplements. 

In Russia there is an alternative - a standard "Halal", which in essence is synonymous not only ritually pure and permissible food, but also associated with the concept of natural and healthy eating. 

Remember that all the eggs are permissible, but not all of them fit the standard "Halal". Choose quality products!

Alina Hakimzyanova, Committee on the standard "Halal" CSO of Tatarstan

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