Allah accepted my prayer

Allah accepted my prayer


It happened to me several months ago. I suddenly felt a pain in my eyes. In addition to the unbearable pain eyeball was blushing. I, as usual, at first, do not attach any importance, they say, everything will be ...

But the pain did not pass and increased, then I decided to go to the doctor. The ophthalmologist suggested this cold and sent for eye drops. After a couple of days I could hardly open my eyes. After that, I seem to think up a specialist clinic fee. An experienced ophthalmologist examined me carefully, stated that the cornea is covered with film and urgently needed surgery to remove it. Cost of operation - 30 thousand rubles. In order to suspend the process of formation of the film, I was asked to buy a rare medicine. About all the experiences I have told my cousin, who advised me to go to an experienced oculist, who practiced in the same clinic. I did so, but nothing reassuring the doctor did not say. She repeated word for word what has been said the previous expert. All my hopes were dashed overnight, and I was extremely upset. Required emergency surgery on the eyes, but otherwise I threatened to total blindness. I lost sleep. Remained one hope to God I read day and night prayers, asking God help the healing. After the morning prayer I daily read namaz hadzhat (need), and each time repeated my request. As soon as I have some free time, I read the Holy Quran and prayer books with texts. However, I tried not to miss prayers, after reading that my pain was weakening. After a while I felt some relief. After two weeks, I again went to a specialist oculist. She examined carefully the eye and concluded that it is necessary to forget about the operation. I was confused by her words. She literally two weeks ago categorically insisted on carrying out the operation. Together with me, and she couldn't explain the changes.

Why am I telling you all this? In any desperate situation, when dried up last hope, Allah Ta'ala does not ignore pleas asking. The most important thing - it is necessary to turn to Him sincerely, with all heart! The other day I met the doctor-ophthalmologist, talking, and she told how she and colleagues discussed the mysterious disappearance of a film from my eyes.

So again I was convinced that God gives ordeals and pain, and then gives a relief, and we just have to humbly accept it, pray constantly, not losing hope.

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