Actions are by intentions


Все дела – по намерению

Actions are by intentions

Why is our religion so much importance is given to the intent with which we perform a particular action. Why it is said of the great significance of sincerity, Ikhlas? We should be aware that external actions - it's just action, physical efforts. After all, a non-Muslim can be taught to pray.

But his prayer will not be accepted, because he had no real intention for the sake of Allah. Ibadat (worship) - it's not just a physical action, revitalization Ibadat, it is sincerity for the sake of Allah. According to the presence of this sincerity and degree of a person, he receives or does not receive reward for his deeds.

A person can perform namaz, but he will not get a reward for it. Conversely, a person can do things that are not directly related to religion, but he will receive the reward for them because he was doing it for the sake of Allah, would benefit others. For example, a person trained to be a doctor, he is engaged in medicine with the intention to benefit other people for the sake of Allah.

Woman graduates from the medical Institute that Muslim sisters could go to the doctor-Muslim woman, they would not have to refer to male doctors. This is also a worship (Ibadat). Externally this is not a religious thing, but for it,  too, can be a reward.

Worship can be any good action, we do for the sake of Allah. There is a hadith that smile to brother - that is worship. It is also Ibadat to remove from the road an obstacle, a branch of a tree or stone, where the people go. Eating, drinking, sleeping - routine actions can also be worship, if committed with the right intention.

If you eat to have strength for the acquisition of knowledge, sleep to wake up in time for the morning prayer, for it you too will receive a reward. Inshallah.

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