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Wehbe ibn Munabbih (rahimahullah) narrates: "One scientist from among the sons of Israilevyh was seventy chests of books. The length of each trunk is seventy elbows. Almighty Allah revealed to the prophet of the time this revelation: "Go to this scientist and tell him: "You have three features, as long as you do not get rid of them, the knowledge will not bring you any benefit:

1. Love for the worldly life,

2. Friendship with shaitans,

3. Harassment and inconvenience for a Muslim.

(Ruhul-Bayan 5/249)


It is reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "The love of worldly life - this is the beginning of all the mistakes". 

Knowledge necessary to implement it in practice. What is the use of knowledge, which is not used in practice? Even practice is not sufficient. The obligatory condition is committing them with sincerity. Because the act committed without Ikhlas (sincerity), will not bring any reward, but rather may cause obtaining sin. As the act is committed for the sake of showing off, have to give an account.

While there are no obstacles to use worldly life and worldly goods in the way of gaining the pleasure of Allah. That is the worldly life and its benefits should not be a barrier between man and the slave, and the reason for failure of at least one commandment of Allah. For example, Yahya ibn Mu'adh (rahimahullah) was asked:

- What do you think about who loves the worldly life?

- Of course, a person must love the worldly life. Since he was created from the earth, and it must be his mother. On it he lives, and out of it feed himself. And in it he will be returned. Earth will become his shroud. You can only earn paradise in the worldly life. Also in this worldly life, the beginning of eternal salvation of man. Worldly life - a transition to godly going to Allah. How can you not love a place that leads to consanguinity with Allah (paradise)?

On the worldly life must look from this point of view, and use it for these purposes.

Yes, this scientist has thousands of volumes of books, but his love for worldly life, his friendship with shaitans and causing inconvenience to the Muslims, show that he did not put into practice his knowledges.


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