A Person Who Has No Haya (Modesty) Is Like A Dead Person


In Islam, the word "Haya" means oppression, embarrassment, meekness, piety. For a true Muslim, these feelings are very important. If you have no fear of God, internal culture, shyness, will not order in your daily life. Person who is not ashamed of his negative actions and shortcomings, not afraid of Allah, nothing will stop. In that case, the whole country will fall under the influence of cruel and heartless people, disappear grace of the Most High, and with it the peace and quiet.

Feelings of embarrassment and fear of God in different people represented in different volumes. Some people on their ignorance and without any intent, having made a small mistakes experiencing and feel remorse the whole day. At the same time, some, deep in sin, and having made an unforgivable mistakes, does not feel the slightest guilty. Because, unfortunately, they completely lack a sense of shame, are not able to be embarrassed and do not know how to suffer. That is why in our religion - feelings of shame, embarrassment and humility are a kind of shield, saving faithful from all negative actions.

In one hadith Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "If he does not feel ashamed of anything, then he can do whatever he likes". Here we have in mind that the person is not able to resist the shameful acts, capable of various heinous acts. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever is not shy people, he is not ashamed of the Supreme". Shame in man is of two kinds: first - be ashamed of Allah and the second - be ashamed of others.

Of course, the first feeling is above the second because the embarrassment before Allah protects a man from various manifestations of evil and negative actions.

This mortal world is full of different tests and a mere mortal encounters them at every step. Some of these tests gives him joy, and bring some disappointment. Fortress of faith in man shows the ability to be content in joy and exercise restraint and patience in adversity.

Rizaetdin Fakhrutdinov

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