20 June 2013 9:54
Amazing Kaaba
In the world there are so many secrets and mysteries associated with Islam. And one of the most secret and amazing places on earth is the Kaaba
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19 June 2013 9:49
Parents, stop torturing your children!
Wise and teachable parents often become the "founders" of the happiness of the child. As well as not very wise - the cause of misery and dejection
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18 June 2013 9:27
Sincerity in Worship
Worship is the profound feeling of the Grandeur of the Almighty Creator motivated by humility and submission to His will. When a man stands before Allah for prayers, he should forget the world and recall in repeating Allah Akbar the greatness of Allah and His Divine supremacy over everything else
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17 June 2013 11:53
About the benefits of black cumin. Useful recipes
"One day, the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said:" Verily, this black cumin is a remedy for every disease except “samma”, I asked, "What is “samma”?" - To which the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said
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13 June 2013 10:15
The power of Allah is shocking
I think everyone should watch this video - it’s just shocking. After watched, another began to read namaz. No, I am a Hanafi, but in my namaz appeared humility. Only now I began to understand - what the Lord I worship
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10 June 2013 9:21
The most favorite dish of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the method of its preparation
Today it is difficult to say about the general Arab cuisine. However, there are written records that pass us recipes of various dishes. The most favorite dish of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which is being prepared today, refers to this kind of dishes
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10 June 2013 9:15
Hajj: The symbol of unity
Unity is vividly observed in the great pillar of Ḥajj, which is repeated every year and for which millions of Muslims gather from all over the world.  They represent the Muslim ummah with all its different races, countries, colors, and languages. They gather in one place, at the same time, wearing the same garment and performing the same rites
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06 June 2013 12:35
How to prepare for the wedding night?
This is the night full of secrets, which the newlyweds tenderly, anxiously awaiting. It is desirable to put on fancy clothes, put on scent of incense for young couples. The groom, entered to the bride, should first say hello to her, give her a small gift, treat anything and heart to heart talk
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05 June 2013 8:07
The cause of bad breath while fasting
Head of Health Burdur (Turkey) Syrry Shenbayram said that oral hygiene is important in the month of Ramadan
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03 June 2013 10:36
How to stop being stupid?
My funny and good editors asked me to write on the topic "How to stop being stupid?" I think the word "fool" - too offensive to any of my sisters-Muslim
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03 June 2013 9:47
Undesirable and prohibited activities during sexual intercourse of spouses
 It is not desirable to turn your feet in the direction
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08 May 2013 9:15
How to change a child’s attention from the TV screen and the computer?
The problem is how to transfer the child’s attention from the "blue screen" or on the computer monitor as relevant as ever today. How wisely and effectively, without overhead of a moral and psychological plan to solve this delicate task because it is impossible to give the child a solid Muslim education, prohibiting the use or hiding electronics away from children
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26 April 2013 10:27
The power of your faith
The true power is not in how to beat someone up or lift something heavy. Force, described here - it is the power of the will, the aspiration, faith in Allah and determination - all of that leads to a strong mind and body. A strong body without a strong soul like a feather in the wind, not able to stay strong when changes.
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24 April 2013 10:45
The problem of the expulsion of the jinn from our bodies and thoughts. Famine against obsession
There are those who really felt the devastating impact on the psyche of these mental parasites. It is believed that these creatures, engrossing body and mind can become a cause of some not very pleasant diseases such as schizophrenia and other mental disorders.
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19 April 2013 9:13
Pleasures of Paradise
The reality of Paradise - this is something that people will never understand, but God has shown us a glimpse of it in the Quran. He described it as a place essentially different from life in this world, as the purpose of life and the delights which people will enjoy it.
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18 April 2013 11:47
Repent with eyes full of tears ...
Propensity to sin, ignorance, lust, arrogance, pride, unbridled passion, greed, envy, anger, and squandering a barrier between God and man. If a person can lift the curtain of carelessness and lack of understanding, would feel the severity of the committed offences
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03 April 2013 10:49
Four stages of love of God in relation to his servant
According to the theologians, the love of God in relation to his servant can be identified by the following four characteristics
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18 March 2013 11:19
Life will pass, in spite of everything
We are born, grow up, grow old. After that we die. This is the normal cycle of life, although many people leave in any period of the cycle
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11 March 2013 9:57
Spiritual purity, the strength of faith depend on the food that you eat
The Strength of our faith or flawed in many respects depends on the food we eat. To maintain a certain tone in our body, we should consume daily food. However, in its consumption has its own rules. Because of the variety of products that are now in abundance, is permitted and prohibited from the point of view of the Shariah.
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05 March 2013 10:49
Go through the difficulties of life...
Allah tells us in the Quran that he appointed a certain period of time to everything.  It concerns difficulties and problems. Everything has a beginning and an end. Everything has appointed time.
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