20 December 2013 11:37
When will judgment day come?
One of its main features is the implementation of the age-old dream of a just ruler of the people come to power by the name of the Mahdi. During his reign, for eight years on this planet will reign peace and prosperity, the people will live in prosperity. After that the most difficult times in the history of mankind will come - will Dajjal (Antichrist) who will provoke an unprecedented rebellion
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20 December 2013 10:49
What does Islam say about Jinns?
The word “jinn” (plural “dzhinniyun”) formed from the word “izhtinab” means “to hide, secretive”. Jinns, hidden from human eyes, were named so because of its invisibility
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19 December 2013 12:37
Angels step aside a house wherein there is a dog
Today's society is agog problem of stray dogs. Indeed, on the streets of villages and towns you can see the whole dog packs. Society split in resolving this issue. Some are worried about a factual animal attacks on humans
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18 December 2013 10:47
Never say "later"
One of the favorite tricks of Shaitan is to force people to think and say: “I'll do it later”, “after a while”, “maybe tomorrow” or “next week” and so on. It causes people to postpone their work, making them feel relaxed and happy in the present
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17 December 2013 10:49
The greatness of hearts as the way to greatness of Islam
When people came to the prophets and proclaimed the truth, people did not believe them, arguing with them, they were rejected, persecuted and even killed. The life of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a striking example. The only thing that failed to do his enemies is to kill him
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16 December 2013 16:07
The trust factor in choosing a partner
I think that the trust plays a decisive role in choosing a partner (by marriage) on a subconscious level. The etymological roots of the phrase "feed trust" or "trust anyone" go into Latin and literally means ... "give a heart" or "put a heart". Indeed the one who trusts, if gives his heart to another
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13 December 2013 16:49
How does a Muslim spend his money in the New Year?
In the eve of New year, shops and supermarkets are overcrowded winter paraphernalia and all kinds of gifts. Every buyer wants to buy himself and his family something beautiful and useful, to the same everywhere observed a collapse in prices. But we all know that for Muslims this is not some memorable event
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09 December 2013 15:49
Intuition of the believer
In the philosophy of the life of a Muslim his main tool is knowledge - knowledge of evil deeds, approved and the ability to distinguish between dubious based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah
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09 December 2013 10:49
Wrath. To be or not to be?
Anger is one of the most devastating and unpleasant emotions for the believer. Not coincidentally, when one person repeatedly asked the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and welcomes for advice, the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and welcomes every time replied: "Do not be angry
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28 November 2013 16:07
In the search for truth
The search for truth - a problem that affects every living soul who does not care its existence. Where we came from, why we came and where to go - questions remain valid until the Day of Judgment
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21 November 2013 15:37
Where faith is growing, blooming marvels
Positive thinking can work wonders. Perhaps you ever been said "guard your thoughts", but you thought that this advice is meaningless. In the end, your thoughts are private. How can they influence someone else? The fact that thoughts are like a boomerang in some mysterious way
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20 November 2013 11:07
About the meaning of entertainment in Islam
The Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and greet him, said that most of the people deprived of the two favors: health and free time. But the majority of those who have these benefits, prefer to spend it on useless pastime called “entertainment”. This includes a wide range of actions, or, more precisely
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15 November 2013 11:15
What can you do for a minute?
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “When I say “Subhan Allahi wal hamdu liLlahi wa la ilaha illa Allaah wa Allahu Akbar” (Glory be to Allah, praise be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, Allah is Great), these words are more beloved to me than the sunrise
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13 November 2013 14:15
Faith makes people happy
Of all the modern sciences that "work" for the good of mankind, the most active in the elevating of man is psychology - the science of the soul. But for me, as a believer, it is encouraging that even the most prominent figures of science recognize the momentum of happiness and mental health that are specific
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12 November 2013 11:49
Secrets of a happy family: five hours a week for eternal love
According to numerous surveys, married people are much happier than single people. But at the same time, those whose marriage is unhappy, unhappy those who are lonely
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08 November 2013 16:37
Do not tell your dreams to strangers
Quite often we dream, and therefore seek to somehow explain to them, to understand their meaning, guess what that means ... What does Islam
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07 November 2013 16:07
Take one step toward Allah and He takes two steps toward you
“The daughter recently converted to Islam and hence is going to wear the hijab. Only now she is still young and what possessed her to do it like an old lady to dress up in long robes, to be the laughing stock of her girlfriends and her friends
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07 November 2013 12:15
How to make your wife feel happy?
A woman sees a lot of things on her own, according to her own nature and psychology. A man should respect her views and preferences, and strive to understand the features of her character. The husband who takes drastic efforts to correct his wife is like a man who tries to straighten the edge
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05 November 2013 12:15
We will deserve rewards for all our suffering, both in this world and in the Hereafter
One of the stories of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is told of how a woman who suffers epilepsy came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said: "O, Prophet Muhammad! Despite the fact that I pray namaz, fasting, make the sacrifice, Allah revealed to me this disease
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30 October 2013 12:27
How to deserve a good husband/wife?
"Vile men and women as well as indecent words and deeds are always inherent to each other. They deserve each other, tied to each other and like each other. Honest men and women as well as the good words and deeds are inherent to each other too. They deserve each other, tied to each other and like each other
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29 October 2013 10:25
Love to own wife
Love based on her tenderness and wonderful qualities that will be more developed in the years, will increase up to your old age
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23 October 2013 15:27
Features of the Muslim family
The institution of marriage exists in all religions, and they are based on certain principles. No marriage contract can not be any question of a normal family. Marriage protects a person from promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases and various problems. In addition, marriage warns incest
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23 October 2013 15:23
5 Questions for every day
The ability to chastise himself for the sins and analyze his actions and thoughts is an important feature of the life of the believer. Be careful and take in self-report - it means being able to ask the right questions and answer them honestly. According to the famous writer and blogger Steven Aitchison 5 components of right question - is the following
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21 October 2013 16:15
Preservation of the institution of the family
Today, the problem of the family - this is one of the most pressing problems of our society. Just as no building materials can not build a building, and also without a family can not be public because the family is the building block it
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18 October 2013 10:15
The dark side of social networking
Life in social networks become a kind of alter ego of each modern man. Because for most people a website profile is not a continuation of his reality, but just his second life. And often all that happens in the virtual world, is perceived as serious, and sometimes much more seriously than what is happening in the real world
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17 October 2013 16:35
Call of the heart to the truth
How often, even having achieved everything we wanted to, we understand that not yet reached something very important, which can be felt all the more important victories together. How often joy luck immediately replaced by sadness and understanding of the limitations of our world. What’s the matter?
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11 October 2013 9:15
The wisdom of the great Muslims: The greatest sin after polytheism - mockery
When you are talking to the rich, be a holy man, when you communicate with the poor, be a feeble man. Because communication with the rich as a saint - humility
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01 October 2013 12:37
Patience is half of faith
The Arabic word "Sabr" is translated as "patience, steadfastness, perseverance", and the ability to endure the difficulties patiently
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01 October 2013 9:35
The wisdom of the great Muslims: knowledge is knowing
Knowledge of superior wealth. Because you protecting the wealth, and the knowledge protects you. Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him)
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27 September 2013 15:27
Timely Dua - the key to success in the future
Islam - the best companion in the difficult path of a man who was destined to pass. The best - because Islam revealed by God as a mercy and care for His creatures. Wisdom and intelligence in every dua, in every ban there is benefit and joy hidden in each Encourage business
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26 September 2013 16:27
Nikah - marriage in Islam
In Islam, the union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with the requirements of Sharia, an important commandment of Allah
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24 September 2013 16:35
Aminah - The Mother of Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Mother of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). She was the daughter of Wahb abu Abdumanaf from the clan of Bani Zuhr tribe of Quraysh. She was born in Medina
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23 September 2013 7:09
The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) did not hesitate to manifestations of love towards children and his grandchildren. He spoke with them in an interesting manner
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20 September 2013 9:37
Forgive or not...
Do we know how to forgive? Do we do it with all our heart, or talking about it only our language. Everyone will answer for himself this question, we shall dwell on why it is so important sometimes ask ourselves this question, and most importantly ourselves sincerely answer "yes"
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18 September 2013 7:01
Polygamy: the experience of family in the U.S.
While reading the literature on family relations in Islam, I have noticed that I somehow did not read carefully the Chapter on polygamy, unconsciously trying to skip it. I think that every wife wants to be the only woman in the life of her husband
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16 September 2013 11:16
Muslim couples who found each other on the Internet
In the UK, a very popular dating site on the internet for Muslims - www.singlemuslim.com. Personally I met my husband in the Institute, but I know that some are looking for a pair on the Internet
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16 September 2013 9:30
Behaviour at meal times
Many Muslims often know little about how to behave at the table in accordance with Islam. Below, we have tried to develop a theme, how to behave in accordance with the Sunnah of the before, during and after meals
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12 September 2013 9:27
Dedication of the believer
Dedication is the most important attribute of a believer. Believers never lose their enthusiasm and dedication. The believer does not give up only to earn the pleasure of Allah, so no difficulties do not appear in front of them. The only goal of the believer - the favor of God, and therefore this end, he forms his life
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09 September 2013 12:37
Children’s rights in Islam. Children and Islam
Parents should educate their children the best way. This is - the most important right of our children. That’s what the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said about it:
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05 September 2013 16:49
The letter, from which heart shudders
Ahmad ibn Saidul Abid (rahmatullahi alayhi) transmitting from his father, said: "In our time there was a young man. Almighty Allah has given him a beautiful face. This young man constantly went to a mosque
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