15 August 2014 10:52
The Language of Human Consciousness
Athr Gallery delivers a groundbreaking exhibition titled 'The Language of Human Consciousness' and shows work by over 39 artists from around the world. Most of these artists are exhibiting work for the first time in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East at large. The exhibition 'The Language of Human Consciousness' has been curated by Jumana Ghouth and Mohammed Hafiz.
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11 August 2014 14:42
Gaza: New 72 hour ceasefire can lead to long-term truce
A 72-hour cease-fire went into effect after midnight Sunday after Israel and Hamas accepted a fresh Egyptian proposal, clearing the way for the resumption of talks on a long-term truce meant to end a month of heavy fighting in the Сектор Газа% that has cost nearly 2,000 lives.
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11 August 2014 14:17
Muslim organizations shocked abruptly closing their accounts at HSBC
After a controversial decision HSBC unilaterally close bank accounts belonging to a number of Muslim organizations based in the UK, Muslim organizations to retaliate, branding movement "shocking" and "Islamaphobic." Last week, HSBC sent a series of nearly identical letters to Muslim organizations in the UK, giving them two months to close their bank accounts, saying that their services fell outside the bank "risk appetite." Ummah welfare Trust, Cordoba Foundation brain and Finsbury Park mosque of Muslim organizations were to receive a letter.
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26 March 2014 10:49
Halal and Haram: Do We Have A Choice?
Today the problem of clean and really allowed products which is sharper and more global than you can imagine the average consumer, standing with trolley among the crowded shelves
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25 March 2014 15:04
Non-alcoholic Beer - Is It Halal?
As is known, drinking alcohol is forbidden in Islam. Now more often began to appear non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. Is it allowed
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24 March 2014 16:49
Are Eggs Halal Or Haram?
What can we say about eggs? This is a finished product, to which nothing is to mix and do not change the composition. But the quality of the eggs depends on the quality of the content and feeding the chickens
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27 February 2014 14:45
Permitted And Prohibited Positions Of Sex On Sharia
Consider the norms of intimate relations in Islam. Consider the position of the Hanafi school of thought, the use of different poses of sex between couples
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14 February 2014 10:15
The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) "I Came To Improve Your Manners"
It is important to clean heart, so it never becomes stale, and remove from it the envy, malice, enmity. If the person does not follow this, he will turn into an animal - if he sees pleasure, just grab, something to eat
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13 February 2014 11:07
Do you love Allah? Well, But Does He Love You?
In this article we consider three questions and the answers to them, and then will look for solutions to these responses
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12 February 2014 16:45
How To Not Fall For The Tricks Of The Shops
Returning from the store, you often feel sorry about spending money that could be spent on other needs? It happens that you buy a lot of superfluous and unnecessary
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12 February 2014 10:49
A Person Who Has No Haya (Modesty) Is Like A Dead Person
In Islam, the word "Haya" means oppression, embarrassment, meekness, piety. For a true Muslim, these feelings are very important. If you have no fear of God, internal culture, shyness, will not order in your daily life
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11 February 2014 10:47
Beautiful Statuses About Islam
Allah answers prayers in three ways: He says "YES" and gives you what you want ... He says "NO" and give something better ... He says, "WAIT", and gives the best
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03 February 2014 12:37
Tricks of Shaitan
Shaitan uses many tricks to knock down a Muslim from the true path. Dwell only on some of them
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30 January 2014 15:49
Etiquette Of The Messanger Of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him)
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) eating food, ate no more than two varieties of meals a day - one of them was soft, as a persimmon or something similar
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30 January 2014 10:47
Sins In Islam
The sins in Islam is not only harm in the “present”. Depending on the number and severity of sins, after judgment day a man falls into one of the seven levels of Hell
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28 January 2014 12:15
Catholic: What Studying Muhammad Taught Me About Islam
Muslims worldwide have recently joined together to celebrate Mawlid al-Nabi, the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. This day is an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims, such as myself - a Catholic - to reflect upon the life and legacy of the prophet of Islam
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27 January 2014 14:07
US Muslim girl among “the 50 smartest teenagers in the world"
If you are passionate about what you do, and I am passionate about most of these things, especially with math and science, it will work out well", - says Saheela Ibraheem, who lives in Edison, New Jersey
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27 January 2014 12:49
Should Muslims Avoid GMO?
This news in the media as the subject of GMOs, caused a wide public resonance, because the issue of production and consumption of transgenic food continues to be an ongoing subject of discussion in various layers of the society
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22 January 2014 16:49
Man Is Weak
Imam Abu Hanifa, may Allah be pleased with him, said: "We affirm that God created man without the ability (to perform actions), they are weak and can not do anything
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20 January 2014 16:37
About the love for the worldly life
Wehbe ibn Munabbih (rahimahullah) narrates: "One scientist from among the sons of Israilevyh was seventy chests of books. The length of each trunk is seventy elbows
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16 January 2014 17:27
The most important moment in a person's life
One of the disciples of Fudayl ibn Iyad (rahimahullah), appeared at death's door. Fudayl went to his disciple, he sat down at the head and began to read Surah Ya-Sin. Disciple, referring to him said, "Oh, teacher! Do not read". Hearing this, Fudayl silent for some time
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15 January 2014 15:49
How to become happy: 10 simple tips
Luxury apartment, an expensive car, money and other wealth does not make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind. But life often becomes the pursuit of it
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14 January 2014 15:49
The Big Bang is cancelled
And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the righteous
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14 January 2014 10:49
The Jinn: Resurrection, Paradise and Hell
O company of jinn and mankind, did there not come to you messengers from among you, relating to you My verses and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?" They will say
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13 January 2014 10:27
Paradise and Hell - it's the truth
We affirm that Paradise and Hell - it's the truth, and they're created, will never disappear, and will not disappear their inhabitants, according to the words of Allah
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09 January 2014 16:07
Deserve the praise of the angels
One night I spent the night under a rock near the Al-Aqsa Mosque. When was part of the night, two angels went down. Between angels occurred following dialog
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09 January 2014 10:25
In life there is a place for feat
These words are taken from the works of Maxim Gorky "The old Woman izergyl". The heroine told, the old woman says: "...he loved feats. And when a man loves feats, he always knows how to make them and find where it's possible
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08 January 2014 11:49
Islam is based on five pillars, and its perfection consists in a clear and consistent execution
Almighty, turning to His servant, said in the Holy Quran: "O child of Adam, I took care of you when you stayed powerless and without movement in the womb and helped you leave it. I put into the soul of your mother towards you feeling of mercy and compassion, tenderness and care until you become stronger
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07 January 2014 16:15
Month of the Prophet (peace be upon him)
Each month of the lunar calendar marks a definite season and has a practical orientation, and this position was established by the Arabs before Islam. For example, the month of Dhu al-ka'da, Dhul-Hijjah and Muharram follow each other and are forbidden months apart is forbidden month of Rajab
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07 January 2014 11:49
Do the jinn responsible for their actions and deeds?
Certainly, based on the verses and hadith, we can say that the jinn also responsible for acts committed by them. At the behest of the Almighty Creator, they should avoid the forbidden, and do good, worshiping Allah, as well as people
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07 January 2014 10:15
Secrets of a happy family. The attitude to problems.
No matter how strong is Iman and no matter how much the spouses love each other, the emergence of problems and disagreements inevitable. Many subconsciously believe that a loved one and "well-chosen spouse" - is the one with whom there will be no difficulties
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06 January 2014 11:15
The problem of environmental pollution in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
In the era of globalization is growing not only an economic relationship between countries, but also the problems are becoming common. One of the most pressing and urgent problems facing mankind - environment
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31 December 2014 14:15
Who is the real rider?
Once, when Ibn Ibrahim Edhem (kuddisa sirruhu) went on foot to the Hajj, on the way he met a horseman riding on a camel. The rider asked Ibn Ibrahim Edhem (kuddisa sirruhu)
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31 December 2014 10:15
Good deed
One devout man lived all his life in perfect harmony with his wife until her death. After his wife's death, his friends told him, "We'll get married". However, this person rejected a proposal about the marriage, saying, "Loneliness is better for me. I'm so calm"
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27 December 2013 10:49
Euthanasia: is it allowed?
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24 December 2013 15:15
Muslim diet according to the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him)
According to Kemal Ozer, clean and healthy diet, used by the followers of Islam, can be a recipe for the salvation of our planet's population. As is known, the issues of power supply and quality of products are fundamental in the life of Muslims
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24 December 2013 10:45
Respect for the shrines
Once Harun Rashid went camping with his army. One Jew said Harun Rashid: “Fear Allah!” Hearing the words of Jewish, Harun Rashid, immediately dismounted
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23 December 2013 17:15
What are Jinns made up of?
This question was consecrated as in the verses of the Holy Qur'an and the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him)
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23 December 2013 14:05
Removal from adultery can perform a miracle
(Once) three men from among those who were before you, set out together till they reached a cave at night and entered it. A big rock rolled down the mountain and closed the mouth of the cave
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23 December 2013 10:49
Fortunately, none of the wilderness is vast
Whom Allah guides to the straight path, none can be misleading. And whom will he leave, none can guide to the straight path
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