The New Face Of Muslim Pop


Yuna Zara is a young singer - songwriter and a Muslim from Malaysia. Becoming popular in her native Malaysia, Yuna moved to the U.S. to present her music on an international level. The performer in a style of indie-pop is also a practicing Muslim and doing business. The girl also has a boutique that offers stylish, but modest dress that meet her faith. And while her new album wins the U.S. charts, she does not forget about her religion and continues to adhere to its being a "pop star". "I am a Muslim. I do not hide it" - says Yuna. "I'm also a girl who loves music".

Yuna was born and raised in Malaysia, where she began to write her own songs at age 14, learned to play the guitar, and by 2006 first performed in front of an audience, being at that time a student of the law faculty.

The melodious voice of Yuna made her songs popular among millions of fans around the world. Her humble approach to fashion, unique ways of tying the hijab inspired women worldwide to dress modestly and still look stylish.

Many Muslim women around the world are inspired by her faith commitment. She is always wearing a hijab and has her own clothing line, which conforms to the teachings of her religion.

Yuna talks about how combines religion and singing career.

About life as a Muslim "pop star"

When I started studying music, I was already covered and wearing a headscarf. And usually, people expect that you throw this part of your life. But I just wanted to make music and not be a pop star. And now there are people who do not agree with what I'm doing. But I'm really happy to be who I am now. I am a Muslim. I do not hide it. I'm also a girl who loves music. And I can not hide it.


About how Muslim identity played a role in her work

The fact that I am a Muslim, helps me enjoy life like a normal person, as well as a musician, I'm not interested in fame and money. I'm just doing my job. I want to make people happy, and my religion makes people feel good when they lose hope. I write music for people to know that they are not alone.

About the audience reaction to the Muslim singer

Maybe some people feel uncomfortable about how I dress or what I sing. I want my music to go beyond these limitations.


I draw inspiration from everything I see and hear. Music for me - it's the best way to express myself and what I feel.

Reaching peaks in the USA

My music career has gone well in Malaysia. People were happy with my music, and they began to see me as an artist. And leave all this was a great risk. But I wanted this for a very long time. Moving to the United States allowed me to experiment with a variety of music, and I wanted the music in which everyone can find something.

Staying true

Being in the spotlight, you lose yourself, what you have become. And become an artist. This can be a very superficial work. People see the surface and do not understand what a person is really don't know what happens with that person. Everything moves so quickly, and you sort of get lost in all this. I wanted to stay myself, no matter what.

In recognition of her work, she has already won many international awards, including the National youth award, awarded by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.


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