Barack Obama was suspected of sympathizing with the Muslims

Barack Obama was suspected of sympathizing with the Muslims

Barack Obama was suspected of sympathizing with the Muslims


The leading American news channel Fox News reproduced live joke of the site National Report that President Barack Obama allegedly ready from his pockets to sponsor the activities of the International Museum of Muslim culture, for he considers it "sacred place".

"That's why I decided to use my own money to open for visitors this part of the history of American culture", Obama said by the mouth of the creators of the site, known in the American media space, namely that regularly publish and share fictional news, presenting them as the real things. However, the joke was perceived by the leading TV channel Fox News Anna Kuiman seriously. Emotionally, commenting on "news" in a live broadcast of the news release, the journalist complained of the American President, they say, has found on how to spend money, and even in the midst of a budget crisis. It would be good if Obama gave money World War II Memorial, which was closed, by the way, just because of the financial turmoil of the president and the parliament. Let me remind you that due to a dispute that erupted between the US government and the Republican minority in Congress refused to approve the program of financing of health care reform President, America entered its new fiscal year without an approved budget, causing part of U.S. government agencies lost funding

The program of mandatory health insurance, known in the States as Obamacare and already came into force in America, is the most sensitive point of the American President. The reform, which guarantees 30 million Americans who have no health insurance, and therefore eligible to receive free medical care, social security, at the expense of the state, was perhaps the most favorite political creation of Barack Obama. Now, because of the father's love suffers if not all of the American people, at least the part of it that is in the civil service. If the Obama administration fails to find a compromise with Republicans - and the White House while in the tradition of Kisa Vorobyaninov continues to insist that bargaining for government funding is inappropriate in principle - the U.S. economy expects a technical default.

On this background a dumb joke of the site National Report about the financing of the International Museum of Islamic culture sounds doubly mocked for Barack Obama and triple cynical towards Muslims. American smarts bluntly made it clear the U.S. president that the current fiscal problems of the U.S. are caused not by ideological confrontation of the ruling Democratic Party and the Republican minority in Congress, and a sudden attack of pacifism Barack Obama against the Syrian Muslims, it does not matter, Alawite or Salafis, he unexpectedly for all refused to kill in the most suitable for this moment.

Not surprisingly, the demonstration of such a sense of humor joke of American humorists was percieved literally by reporters of national U.S. television and heard in the air.

Khadija Maksudi

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