Scarlett Johansson’s Kiss With Egyptian Actor Amr Waked Draws Criticism in Arab Media


A passionate 16-second on-screen kiss between actress Scarlett Johansson and controversial Egyptian actor Amr Waked in “Lucy” drew criticism from Arab media commentators, in no small part due to the Jewish Hollywood star’s past support for Israeli company SodaStream, Al Arabiya reported Wednesday.

Waked has starred in films like “Syriana” and television programs such as the BBC’s “House of Saddam” mini-series in 2008.

Opponents of normalization with Israel slammed his role in the latter, in which he performed with Israeli actor Yigal Naor, with some calling him a “traitor to the Palestinian cause” and “an Israeli agent,” according to the newspaper.

Waked is also famous for his activism in the Egyptian revolution.


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