Muslims Were Beaten For Prayer In A Skyscraper


Muslim family from New York, United States, filed a lawsuit against the owners of the famous 102- story skyscraper the Empire State building, located on the island of Manhattan. The cause is that the family was beaten and their religious feelings were insulted during a tour of the building. Fahad Amin and al-Tirmidhi from Farmingvillya addressed the lawsuit to Manhattan federal court against the management company of the Empire State building Malkin Properties, as well as security firm Andrews International after insults Muslims. The security forcibly pushed out the family out of the Observatory, located on the 86 floor of a skyscraper in an attempt to to pray in this room.

Muslim family with two children came on a tour of the Empire State building. When the time of the evening prayer have come, parents decided to pray at the Observatory.

However, after having seen how two tourist guests were preparing to pray, security officers forcibly evicted Muslims in front of their frightened children and astonished witnesses,



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