Muslims Of Crimea Will Pray " In The Moscow Way"


The time of the Crimean Muslims prayers will move dueto the transition of the peninsula to the Moscow time - said Crimean deputy mufti Esadulla Hazrat Bairov.

"For example, on March, 27 Ogle prayer time in Simferopol begins at 11:56 (still on winter time) - the Muslim cleric said, - On March 30 DST calendars changes time to 12:55, - said the Deputy Mufti of Crimea. - Plus we move clock one more hour forward, then we get 13:55. So we from pray at 13:55 from March, 30."

Furthermore, Esadulla Hazrat promised that The Spiritual Board of Muslims of Crimea update prayer time and will publish its monthly on the Internet resource and in the newspaper "Hidan". It is worth recalling that from 29 to 30 March Crimea move clocks 2 hours forward.


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