‘Dust Bucket Challenge’ launched to show Israeli destruction in Gaza


In a sharp contrast to the widely trending ice-bucket challenge, a new initiative has been launched to garner support for Gaza, by pouring a bucket of dust to show solidarity with the Palestinian kids who are being buried under rubbles on a daily basis.

“I have to do something and to send a message all over the world about Gaza,” Ayman al Aloul, a journalist who launched the campaign, told NBC News on Monday, August 25.

“It came to my mind that it’s good idea to show the whole picture – how Gaza looks now, rubble, destruction, cement with sand, small rocks,” Aloul added.

The new campaign, called Rubble Bucket Challenge, was started by al Aloul last Saturday after discussions with his friends on ways to show support to Gaza.

The idea of the campaign spread swiftly, with the Rubble Bucket Challenge Facebook page getting nearly 2000 likes by Monday morning.


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