14 March 2014 10:59
Photo: Bashar Al-Assad Visited Syrians!
Syrian President Bashar Assad have visited displaced Syrian citizens in humanitarian shelter in Adra in the north-eastern suburbs of Damascus, and promised them to continue to fight the militants, who are guilty that they left their homes.
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14 March 2014 10:45
Berber "The Way of a Muslim" starts in the Netherlands
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13 March 2014 15:16
How Muslim Women Of OIC Celebrated March, 8
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13 March 2014 14:35
In Russia Religiosity Increased Over 10 Years
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13 March 2014 12:44
Fatwa Prohibiting Smorgasbord Was Released In Saudi Arabia
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13 March 2014 12:40
Muslims Census To Be Held In The U.S.
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13 March 2014 12:32
Crimean Muslim Tatars Fear Return Of Russian Rule
The arrival of Russian troops in Crimea has opened old wounds among the Crimean Tatars, who were deported during World War II
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13 March 2014 10:32
The Great Britain Wants To Ban Halal And Kosher
The head of the British Veterinary Academy John Blackwill called legislate against halal and kosher methods of slaughter as they "cause unnecessary suffering to animals
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12 March 2014 17:18
2 Muslim Made Nikah In Shiva Temple
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12 March 2014 16:35
Koreans Also want halal
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12 March 2014 16:20
50 000 Copies Of Quran Distributed Among Syrian Refugees In Turkey
Copies of the Holy Scriptures have been distributed among the refugees from Syria in the social program for the publication of 10 million copies of Quran to distribute as gifts to the Islamic
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12 March 2014 14:40
Princess Was Arrested For "Killing Muslims"
In Scotland 27-year-old Bavarian princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein was arrested by police.
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12 March 2014 13:14
Halal Sauna, Stylists And Dentists Appeared In Kazakhstan
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12 March 2014 13:10
West Is Scared Of Rapid Progress Of The Muslim Ummah, - Iranian MP Ali Larijani
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11 March 2014 13:18
In Saudi Arabia Rain Killed 3 Children
On Monday the government of Saudi Arabia announced that school in the northwestern city of Ha'il will be closed on March 11, on Tuesday due to heavy rain.
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11 March 2014 13:14
The Film To The Theme Why Muslims Do Not Go To Mosques Is Shown In America
The documentary film «UnMosqued» is shown in cities across North America. It reflects the current problems of mosques in the country.
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11 March 2014 12:12
Albert Einstein Was A Muslim?
Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani, the head of Iran's Assembly of Experts has recently made ​​a surprise announcement about the famous physicist Albert Einstein.
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11 March 2014 12:02
Tunisian Muslims Were Given 30 Minutes For Namaz
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11 March 2014 11:58
Bulgarian Muslims Support Crimean Brothers And Sisters
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11 March 2014 11:51
Friday khutbah Was Held In Kurdish For The First Time in History Of Turkey
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07 March 2014 16:29
By 2030 Almost 60 Million Muslims Will Live In Europe
The number of European Muslims has increased from 29.6 million in 1990 to 44.1 million in 2010. Thus, the proportion of the population of Islam adherents in Europe increased from 4.1% to 6%, which is almost 50%
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07 March 2014 14:15
Malaysia Banned Comics Because Of The Name Of Allah
Malaysia banned comics "Ultraman" because it uses the word "Allah" to describe the actions of the Japanese superhero.
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07 March 2014 14:07
Indian Muslims Were Allowed To Adopt Children
The Supreme Court of India gave Muslims the right to adopt children on a par with the followers of other religions
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07 March 2014 14:01
A Hijab Was Seen On The "Oscar"
Last Sunday a prestigious film awards ceremony of "Oscar" was held in the United States. Outfits of actresses captured attention of the world media.
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06 March 2014 17:29
The First Islamic Museum Opened In Australia
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06 March 2014 14:39
U. S. Court Will Decide If Muslims Are Allowed To Wear Beard
The U.S. Supreme Court took a handwritten statement from the prisoner from Arkansas, which states that the jail's ban on wearing beards violates his religious rights as a Muslim
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06 March 2014 13:09
Custodian Of The Mosque "Al-Aqsa" Sentenced To Prison
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06 March 2014 11:48
Riyadh And Jeddah Are In The Top 10 Of Cheapest Cities
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06 March 2014 11:41
Students Of Muslim And Jewish Schools Fell In Love At First Sight
"We gathered and we fell in love with each other," - recognized children members of the event.
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06 March 2014 11:36
China: Number Of Muslim Women Becoming Imams Is Increasing
In Henan Province, China, one can observe unusual even for the majority of Muslim countries phenomenon, which, by the way, here is considered as quite normal. Female imam directs a collective prayer of parishioners in a mosque.
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05 March 2014 17:00
British Politician Compared Muslim Women With Garbage
The British Conservative Party expelled from its ranks Enfield Dzhoanidisa Chris, one of the members of the council of the London borough for comparing Muslim women in black burkas with garbage bags
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05 March 2014 15:07
Video: In Tunisia Rap Sounded Instead Of Azan From The Minaret
The curious incident occurred in the quarter Montplaisir near the center of the Tunisian capital. It is reported that from the minaret of one of the mosques popular musical composition entitled
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05 March 2014 15:03
The Largest Bank Of Morocco Will Be Halal
One of the largest banks in North Africa Attijariwafa Bank intends to expand its Islamic banking business when parliamentarians pass the bill on Islamic finance
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05 March 2014 11:30
Minnikhanov Is Going To Visit Crimea
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05 March 2014 11:14
4 of 7 Members Of A Muslim Family Died After Umrah
4 member of a family, who came from the south India, became victims of a serious accident in Saudi Arabia. The accident occurred early Monday morning in the Muzami near Riyadh
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05 March 2014 11:10
Will Islamic Social Network Attract Muslims?
An arab youth group has launched a social networking site like Facebook, but specially for Muslims
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05 March 2014 9:54
Google Returned "innocence of Muslims" On YouTube!
The court of appeal has allowed Google to maintain at one of its services, YouTube trailer scandalous movie "Innocence of Muslims" containing insults to Muhammad (peace be upon him)
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04 March 2014 17:31
Former Islamophob Launches Islamic Party Of Animal Protection
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04 March 2014 16:07
In Mauritania Muslims, Who Protest Against Desecration Of Koran Are Poisoned By Gas
Hundreds of Muslim residents Mauritania went to streets of Nouakchott to protest against the act of desecration of Koran
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04 March 2014 11:58
In the UAE Three Supporters Of The "Muslim Brotherhood" Were Sentenced To Prison
According to media reports, the Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi sentenced a citizen of Qatar and two citizens of the UAE to 5 and 7 years in prison for taking part in activities of a radical group
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