53% Of Saudi Muslims Do Not Remember The Topic Of Friday Sermon


In Saudi Arabia more than half of the students do not remember the Friday sermon's topic. This became known as a result of the survey conducted recently by the Centre national dialogue King Abdul Aziz. However, more than two-thirds of all 685 respondents randomly selected from 13 regions of the kingdom said that the khutbahs affected their lives.

52.4% of respondents would like to hear sermons addressed to social issues. More than 74% admitted that they did not seek the help of Muslim religious figures. The reason may be lack of personal contact between preachers and their audiences. About 60.4% of respondents said that their preaching seemed exciting, while 31.6% said that preachers urged them to deal with personal and social problems in a positive way - says the study.

Employee of the University of King Abdul Aziz, advisor and coach Ismail Mariteri stressed the importance of Friday sermons to change society and renewal of spiritual energy. "The preachers who lead khutbahs should be able to inform, motivate, inspire and educate people so that they can achieve success in this world and in the future one," - he said.


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