31 March 2014 11:07
Namaz For The Sick
Person who by reason of illness is difficult to perform any actions on prayer (kiyyam, rukuu, sajda) is allowed to perform
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27 March 2014 11:49
'Islam Has Made Me The Man I Am Today'
He says Islam is important to him, adding that he “wouldn’t be half the man I am today without my faith
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06 February 2014 12:25
What Were The Warriors Of Islam?
The army of the Ottoman Sultan Salim went to the Egyptian campaign. Passing through fruitful orchards and grape land, it was decided to stop for a rest
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17 December 2013 13:37
Abu Hanifah and indicating to him hadiths
When Imam Abu Hanifah was sitting with friends in the mosque, one man passed them. Looking at him, Imam said: “This is a traveler, in his pocket sweets, and most likely, he educator of children
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17 October 2013 12:15
"I Don’t Drink Because I’m Muslim"
Premier League Muslim superstar Yaya Toure has turned down a “man-of-the-match” alcohol bottle prize for being banned under his Islamic faith
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28 May 2013 9:37
The news of the “first Muslim lesbian couple” angered the public
The British press reported on Sunday the news of two Pakistani women who allegedly became the first Muslim lesbian couple to marry in a civil ceremony in Britain
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24 January 2013 9:07
Is it necessary for men to cover their head?
Whenever it is suitable and you can without difficulty, you should wear the skullcap. For example, when you go to the Musjid or at an Islamic function, you should wear the skullcap. You will not be sinful for not wearing the skullcap all the time
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18 January 2013 1:22
Is there a difference between Muslim and mu’min?
Is there a difference between Muslim and mu’min?
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17 January 2013 0:00
Why I’m talking to myself when I'm alone?
I have a question: why I’m talking to myself when I'm alone, and come up with unnecessary, unrealistic things and lead a dialogue with my thoughts. Some people say it is a habit I want to learn more about it, and what Islam tells us about such habit? What is it?
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