12 September 2014 10:51
7,000 Palestinians start hunger strike in Israeli jails
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05 September 2014 10:26
Save Al-Aqsa from Israel
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27 August 2014 11:49
On Facebook Israelis wish death for pro-Palestine Holocaust survivors
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20 August 2014 15:33
Gaza death toll rises above 2,000: Health Ministry
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20 August 2014 10:12
Gaza negotiations doomed to failure as long as Israeli ‘stubbornness’ persists
The latest Israeli assault – which has claimed 2,000 members of the Gaza community (overwhelmingly civilian) – was always designed to destabilise the Palestinian political process towards sovereignty and self-determination. The violence has achieved just that, and in the process, slowed the struggle for Palestinian liberation. Tel Aviv and the Palestinian political leadership, who have spent the past 21 years negotiating the process, are now not discussing the future but locked in on-and-off discussions to resolve the latest assault
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18 August 2014 10:49
UN Report: 218,000 Palestinians forcibly displaced by Israeli war on Gaza
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12 August 2014 9:58
Gaza crisis appeal
The escalation in the conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused the humanitarian situation in Gaza to reach crisis point. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes and are in desperate need of food, water and shelter
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11 August 2014 16:04
Starbucks says it does not support Israel
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11 August 2014 14:57
Penelope Cruz faces Hollywood ‘wrath’ over Gaza
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11 August 2014 14:54
Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank
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11 August 2014 14:42
Gaza: New 72 hour ceasefire can lead to long-term truce
A 72-hour cease-fire went into effect after midnight Sunday after Israel and Hamas accepted a fresh Egyptian proposal, clearing the way for the resumption of talks on a long-term truce meant to end a month of heavy fighting in the Сектор Газа% that has cost nearly 2,000 lives.
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20 March 2014 12:03
Mosque "Al-Aqsa" Was Fenced Off From Muslims
The 3rd day Israeli police does not open a gate leading to the mosque "Al-Aqsa", and do not let Muslim parishioners younger than 50 years in the Mosque.
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