When our prayers are accepted


There was a fisherman who lived at the same historic period as the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). His family was very poor. The fisherman went to sea every morning to fish on his rickety boat. He sold all his take at the market and kept all his family on the money he managed to earn.

Once he caught a huge fish. The poor fisherman was very grateful to Allah for such a big and unexpected gift. On his way to the market he met a greedy guardian who told him to give the fish to him. The fisherman tried to defend himself, but the guardian hit him on the head with his javelin and took the fish away. Then the sufferer implored: “Oh, Allah!  I am not strong enough to cope with this evil man. You saw how cruel he was to me. I implore You to punish him during this life and not to leave his punishment for the Akhirah!”

Having returned home, the robber gave the fish to his wife so that she could cook a supper. Once the meal was ready and they sat down at the table to have it, the fish came to life and sank its teeth into the eater’s finger. It was so painful, that he had to go to the doctor’s. The doctor examined the wound and said: “The finger should be removed. Otherwise, the hand will be infected.” As there was no alternative treatment, he decided to follow the doctor’s advice. However, the finger’s removal did not help to control the pain.

So, the man turned up at the doctor’s the next day again. He suffered with pain and asked the doctor to help him. The doctor insisted on removing the arm up to the elbow as the patient’s life was at risk at that point. However, the operation did not help the man and he had to go through the surgery again and again. Out of despair, the man was ready to die. He did not know what to do and left for the desert in the hope to have some rest there. He fell asleep in the shade of a tree.

In his sleep, the man heard a voice saying to him: “Poor man, you have suffered so much! There is nothing you can do, but find the man whom you offended and apologize”. Once he woke up, he came into repentance and decided to find the fisherman so that to implore him for forgiveness. When the man found the fisherman, he gave him the money which that fish was worth of. Then he tearfully begged his pardon. The fisherman took pity on the man and made a dua for him (prayed for him).

The pain passed only after this and the man managed to have a fast sleep for the first time since his disease started. On waking up, the disabled found that his hand safe and sound. Following this, Allah sent a revelation to Moses (peace be upon him): “Oh, Moses! If that evildoer was not forgiven by the fisherman, he would suffer all his life!”

According to the hadiths, Allah accepts the prayers (dua) of the parents who ask for their children, of wandering travelers who endure hardship and of the person who became a victim of an evildoer without being guilty.

Everybody should know that the prayers of the insulted and humiliated reach their target.

Refer to Kayum Nasiri’s book “Fruits to treat your interlocutor”


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