What Should A Woman Avoid In Her Family Life?


1. Negative thinking 

The owner of the complexes, who often finds pleasure in the constant soul-searching to find that in her life, and that in her is wrong and does not correspond to the ideal, is often sad and depressed spirit. Day after day she "hangs" on the negative, and this morass of self-flagellation tighten her deeper and deeper. 

But before her husband to portray that it's all right, pulling unnatural smile, will not succeed. 

Wife, translates the negative emotions and thoughts, takes strength from her husband, and he will sooner or later want to stay away from the depressive person. Such women need to learn to let go of the soul hunger thoughts and to neutralize them.

2. Ego-centricity 

For these women, a man only source of wealth, a certain status in society, and no more. She sees no need to make an effort to learn the inner world of man, completely indifferent to his aspirations, tastes and desires. 

Egocentric woman prefers to take than to give to compensate for pain, failure, men's insults. She lives with smoldering resentment toward men. But very few people will want to link their lives with a man who prefers a consumer approach and parasitism in a relationship. 

3. Apathy, dispassionately, insensitivity

Inability to seduce her husband, the absence of any hint of coyness, a frown makes a woman unconsciously closed from her husband. Where there is no sexuality, no male attention. It is no secret that a woman attracts men like a magnet who is full of sexual energy. Good housewife and mother does not replace sexual wife makes her husband happy in private life. 

Physiological craving for a woman depends on many qualities, and to radiate sexuality need to strengthen energy toned body physical exercise.

Women who do not attract the attention of her husband, does not usually work on their physical perfection, do not dance, do not like each day to exercise, do not learn the skills of seduction, cold. 

Meanwhile, a bonus of exercise is not only a woman receives additional energy, but also a good figure and posture. It will be a nice present to her husband, who wanted to see his darling treasure belonging only to him. It is unlikely that physical inactivity, apathy and insensitivity can make attractive wife in front of her husband. 


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