Jews Were Allowed To Return, Forgot About Muslims


According to the newspaper "Daily Telegraph", Jews whose ancestors were expelled from Spain by the decision of the court of Inquisition of 1492, will be allowed to have dual citizenship, one of which will be Spanish. The law, which was released two years earlier, envisaged the possibility of obtaining by the Jews of this category of Spanish citizenship by renunciation of citizenship, existing at that time.

Apparently, because of the small number of persons, the authorities decided to change the procedure for obtaining citizenship. Now, according to experts, Spain, and with it the European Union's population will increase by an average of 3.5 million citizens. 

However, in the bill, for some reason, as the new and the old, nothing is said about 520 years ago expelled Muslims, whose number is significantly higher than the number of Jews. Apparently the policy of double standards is still not out of fashion and is widely practiced a tolerant old Europe.


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