Winter is a spring in the soul of a believer

Winter is a spring in the soul of a believer


In the hadith of the Messanger of Allah (peace be upon him): "The winter season is spring for the believer". In the continuation of the hadith contained rivayat, saying: "the Night (winter) that allows to revive them in worship; the days are short, that allows them fasting". In another Hadith from Abdullah ibn Mas'ud says: "Welcome to the winter season! It has grace: the nights are long, which allows them to worship; and for those who are fasting days are short". About fasting in the winter there is the following hadith: "winter fasting - it's cold trophies or (trophies of worshipers)".

From the hadith, it follows that the winter season is very comfortable time of the year for the believer and therefore is associated with the onset of spring. Since this season brings liveliness and joy in the hearts of believers. This is mostly connected with it, that during the winter people can take a break from the heavy and laborious summer and autumn periods and devote free time, which appears in the winter worship Allah. Also it is connected with the fact that during the severe winter, people, primarily, think about not on worldly pleasures, they think about how to protect themselves from the cold and dressed warmly, which indirectly saves men's eyes from sin. Due to the fact that people committing sinful activities fewer in the winter, the believer is much easier to repent and devote his time to worship Allah. It is important that a person could not miss such an opportunity. On the other hand, as we know, "prayer is a pillar of faith". Therefore, in the long winter nights, efforts should be made to strengthen these "pillars of faith".

"Fasting is a shield", but it is difficult worship because it goes on all day. This worship protects the believer from evil. But the fact that this worship is performed in the winter season in a shorter time and creates a comfort to the believer, as compared with other times of the year, way diminishes its value. This convenience is a very useful element for the implementation of the expression "day of fasting, praying at night". This situation should not be underestimated. For a believer, winter is a great opportunity to fill those fastings which he failed to commit timely.

Of course sitting at the TV screen is not compatible with the hadith, which are listed above. So now is the time to pay more care night and day worship.

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