Whatever disease Allah creates, He creates a cure for it


In the century of high technologies development in the life of people is obviously easier and more comfortable. But replaced by other concerns, namely the disease, which in the olden days people did not hear. Although doctors have long been talking about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation from cellular, computers and TV, it is hard to imagine ourselves without these benefits of civilization.

Alas, as a result, today one of the most common diseases is oncology. But how to minimize the deleterious effects of external factors? For Allah has given us our body as Amanat, and we should cherish it.

Oncologist-mammologist, candidate of medical Sciences Rosa Latypova told about how to protect ourselves from one of the most common forms of cancer such as breast cancer.

According to her, the best way is prevention. The most basic and effective method is considered breastfeeding. Woman is created so that her main function is the birth of children (she is able to give birth to children 6-10) and their feeding. But if the first birth occurs at the age over 35 years, dramatically increasing the risk of developing malignancies. The following method is an annual visits to the doctor-therapeutist and self-examination.

Up to 70% of cases of cancer are detected by women themselves during self-examination.

As explained Rosa Latypova, the risk of breast cancer is different and depends on many factors:

- exogenous: water, air, food products.

- endogenous: frequent constipation (as part of the digested food is absorbed back by the body, thereby fall into the blood of harmful substances), genetic predisposition (elevated levels of female sex hormones), advanced age, bile stasis. If constipation effectively use bran with yogurt, while stagnation of bile - drinking infusions hips. As Hippocrates said: “the Body is able to heal itself, we only help the body”.

Also the doctor said that you need to love yourself for who you are, do not aspire to the ideals of beauty. Need to eat right and do not succumb to the temptation and try, for example, to increase the volume of the breast. In this regard, the commandments of Islam is very correct. Because you can not change Allah's creation! But Divine wisdom is infinite! Allah has prohibited the use of haram, which includes smoking. Known deleterious effects of tobacco smoke on the entire body. In addition, it is important for cancer prevention is important to eat more fruits, vegetables, less animal fat and meat, coffee and eliminate the use of alcohol. Unfortunately, the food has become a cult. All feasts are held with huge amounts of food: a lot of refined oil, meat, flour, excessive amounts of which is harmful to the body!

Oncologist Rosa Latypova advised anticancer diet that includes the most common products. After all, the Almighty does not give such a disease from which there would be no healing, so you should always look for a cure around. These products are:

- Green tea;

- Olives, olive oil;

- Mushrooms (meytake, shiitake, cordyceps);

- Strawberries, raspberries, black currants;

- Walnut, hazelnut;

- Bilberry, blackberry, blueberry;

- Dark chocolate (cocoa 70%, no more than 20 grams per day);

- Citrus;

- Pomegranate juice;

- Cabbage (especially broccoli);

- Garlic and onions;

- Vitamin D;

- Omega-3 fatty acids;

- Probiotics (kefir, yogurt).

At the end, Rosa Latypova noted that each cage to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Cancer can be beaten, more difficult to understand why the disease was given to man!

Gulshahida Hakimova

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