What to do if you have a disaster or you suddenly fallen ill?

What to do if you have a disaster or you suddenly fallen ill?


Necessary to turn to God and read the du'a. You can appeal to God in your own language, as in this case, fully aware of what you beg the Creator. First, you must commit a ritual ablution, stand facing the Kaaba, and raising your hands to thank God for His mercy and to express your gratitude. In fact, you felt health until illness, before the disaster struck, you were all right. And you should thank Allah for it. After this you should speak blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The request should mention that Allah may forgive all the mistakes you committed through ignorance or deliberately, and that, Insha'allah, will continue to try not to make them, and ask creator forgiveness for sins. And only then you can make your request or wish.

Refraining from committing sinful acts will require humility and patience. We know that the consumption of alcohol, debauchery, spread gossip are particularly grave sins. In addition, there are a lot of sinful deeds, which makes no sense to even mentionl. However, the greatest sin is associated with shirk - giving partners to Allah and worship him. Among young people today extended the concept of "glamorous". They strive for a beautiful life. They need an expensive cars, fashionable clothes. They forget about the Lord and strive to glamorous life. In order to raise the level of education, requires patience and endurance. In the pursuit of material wealth, many are getting away from the knowledge of and proximity to Allah. Earthly goods remain on earth, and the knowledge does not lose its value, they are not wasted like money. Perfecting the knowledge one learns to be patient and humble. Almighty helps everyone, a person who is in misery and diseases does not lose self-control, patiently and humbly moves them.

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