U.S. will cease to be a superpower?

U.S. will cease to be a superpower?


Based on available data and the dynamics of the events in the coming years, the U.S. could lose its superpower status. Look at three recent events that have shown that there are serious problems in the U.S. government. It is about about the scandalous revelations of Snowden, foreign policy failure in solving the Syrian crisis and the recent fiscal stupor.

Whether to convince anyone that these events have seriously undermined the credibility of the bearer of the free world?

The problems in the financial and economic sphere is so serious that the White House has decided to cut defense spending by 650 billion dollars. And if the Senate adopts this decision, the staff of the U.S. Army will be reduced from 570 thousand to 380 thousand people. The qualitative result of such a massive army reduction was best expressed by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who said that the United States, no less, will lose its superpower. But then - defense. What is the situation with the standard of living and other criteria by which to assess the level of life in the country?

Let's look at the data of the project in 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index™, published on the website Legatim Institute (London). But first, a few words about the project. Legatim Institute is based non-profit organization, which since 2009 annually publishes a rating of the most prosperous countries in the framework of the project Prosperity Index. The ranking has 142 places. Happiness level is assessed both by objective economic indicators (GDR, income) and subjective criteria (life satisfaction). It is considered 89 criteria, which are summarized in eight groups: economy, business and opportunity, governance, education, health, safety, personal freedom, social capital. The maximum score for each criterion is 110.

Now back to the position of the United States. Draws attention to the fact that, as one of the key "discoveries" for 2013 presented the fact of "loss" of the the U.S. among 20 countries with the best economic performance (24th place). In addition, the U.S. dropped out of the top twenty on such criteria as safety (31th place).

Security in the USA, it really is bad. In the daily reports of the American police have a place reports classified as gang-related. Banditry in recent years has gained a horrific scale in major U.S. cities. As a result, in 2005, the FBI acknowledged the street bands threat to U.S. national security along with terrorism. According to official data of the FBI in the USA there are more than 33 thousand bands, which is 1.4 million active members (i.e. bandits,  staying on freedom). This means that the number of fighters in the American gangster communities is equal to the number of personnel staff of the army of the United States. Is it any wonder that gangs commit 48% of violent crimes, although there are regions in which the rate and up to 90%.

In one of the previous reviews of the subject of intelligence, was elected China. If we compare China's economic indicators, it turns out that China is in the 7th place in the world rating. In other words, the Chinese economy is among the ten most developed economies in the world, living among the countries belonging to the traditional and currently leading - Western socio-economic model.

As for the overall rating as measured by the aggregate data for all the criteria, the U.S. is in 11th place, China - 51, Russia - 61. A list of 142 countries with its two worst performers closes Chad.

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