The wisdom of the great Muslims: You must fear only Allah



Fear Allah as you are not afraid of anyone. With an even stronger feeling than the feeling of fear, hope for Allah. And wish the people of that what you will and yourself.

Tavus ibn Keysan (kuddisa sirruhu)


The feeling of love to the world outputs from the human heart sweetness of faith.

Malik ibn Dinar (kuddisa sirruhu)


Just as a person hates it when tasty food moves from the stomach into the intestines, in the same way at the death of a man hates the worldly life.

Imam Ghazali (kuddisa sirruhu)


Jabberwocky (useless words) and chat with everyone releasing sign from Allah.

Abu’l Hasan Dzhusuki (kuddisa sirruhu)


If a person is afraid of Hell, as well as poverty, then he will go to Paradise.

Yahya ibn Mu'adh (kuddisa sirruhu)


People should not miss these four entities: the first is to tell the truth, the second is honest work, the third - sincere friendship, the fourth - faithfully preserve Amanat.

Abu Ali Sakafi (kuddisa sirruhu)

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