The wisdom of the great Muslims: Heaviest act for the nafs



There is nothing more complicated than contentment decree of Allah for nafs of a man. Because to be pleased with the destiny predetermined by Allah means the consent of His decision, which contradicts the desires of nafs. Nafs does not want it. To be happy is only possible if a person leaves contentment of nafs and seek Allah's pleasure. Let this be good news for the lucky.

Ahmad al-Rifai (rahmatullah alayhi)

Silence ...

Silence is one of the gates of wisdom. Do not speak in vain, like a friendly conversation is a guide to achieving all the benefits.

Imam Riza (rahmatullah alayhi)

I will do tomorrow

Oh my nafs! Paradise is surrounded by difficulties and obstacles besieged. Anyone and will never become easier this way. If you think about how many years the words “I will do it tomorrow”, you're fooling yourself. Today was the day, came the day tomorrow, but your position has not changed. However, there is no difference between today and yesterday and between tomorrow and today. The fact that you were not able to do yesterday, today will exhaust you, what you exhausted today, you will be unable to do tomorrow, and maybe more.

Imam Ghazali (rahmatullah alayhi)

To be satisfied with your Lord

Very hard to please and receive all the pleasure of the people. It is impossible for one person to please all the people to be satisfied. For this servant of God should put efforts on the way of Allah and to be owner of sincerity.

Imam Shafi’I (rahmatullah alayhi)

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