The knockout game



In the U.S., gaining momentum “game” called “Knockout”. The word “game” consciously enclosed in quotation marks, because in reality we are talking about deadly form of sudden violence. The essence of the “game” is that when teenagers with black skin see occasional white passer, one of the teens should suddenly send him or her with one punch knockout. It is reported that as a result of new amusements were already killed unsuspecting passers-by in the American cities of Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey.

“Knockout” is gaining popularity among black teenagers and tends to spread beyond the United States. There have already been cases of attacks on passers-by in London (for example here:

A dangerous pastime has a distinct racial subtext, because in all cases black teenagers attacked white people. They do not care, a man before them or woman, old or young man - their victim can be anyone. Police ignores racial essence of the new forms of criminal activity and qualifies such antics as “hooliganism”. Based on this, we can assume that the security forces operate within the unspoken instructions above, according to which they are assigned to practise tolerance and overlook the obvious. In other words, there is nothing unusual in the fact that black purposefully sent to knockout white.

Attention deserves the fact that no cases of knocking out other representatives of “non-white” races, such as Arabs, Turks or Chinese. Perhaps this is due to the fact that “non-white” community will not tolerate such antics against its members and strike back. Blacks are well aware of this and as a victim in his game is selected white not only because once white owned black slaves, but for the simple reason that whites are separated and can not cause a collective response.

The lawlessness perpetrated by the USA and its allies around the world, during which violated the written international law and unwritten laws of human morality, understandably increase ethnic tensions among the masses of ordinary townsfolk. People understand that if international legal standards mean nothing to the mighty of this world,... generally, average person realizes that he is not protected against lawlessness nobody except the ethnic community of which he is a member.

In short, there is reason to think about how solid and united the Muslim Ummah on the planet, if any unity at all takes place. By and large, is now in question turned the future of this phenomenon as a “nation”, understood as the citizens of any country who are aware of themselves as a single entity, regardless of their ethnicity. And deadly teenage games with a pronounced racist overtones - harbingers of future gloomy changes in the confrontation of civilizations.

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