The beauty standard "HALAL"

The beauty standard


Every day the market surprises us with a variety and availability of halal goods. And even non-Muslims are aware that the concept of “Halal” refers not only to food but also to many other groups of goods and services. Although the fact of the existence of Halal cosmeticsdewildered some people.

What is Halal cosmetics? Cosmetics, corresponding to the requirements of “Halal”, should not contain harmful chemicals, animal fats, alcohol, gelatin, animal protein, glycerin. Different flavorings and colorants may also be haraam the basis of some of them are, for example, insects. The goal is the use of cosmetics - is the preservation of a healthy external appearance of a person, not inflicting harm.

The beauty standard

About the intricacies of the requirements for Halal products, said Chairman of the Committee on the standard “Halal” CRO – DUM of the Republic of Tatarstan Nizamov Marat Renatovich: “At present, the Russian market is well represented various cosmetics local and foreign manufacturers. However, not all of the products meet the requirements of “halal”, since it can be composed of toxic substances. And the main ingredients of such cosmetics are products of petrochemistry. It includes artificial preservatives, flavors derived formaldehyde and phenol. In addition, this product may contain derivatives of pork, and alcohol. Many consumers are not even aware that they are using a cream with the addition of pork fat. Shampoos, moisturizers, masks and lipstick also contain fatty acids and gelatin made from pork”.

Pay attention to the fact that modern cosmetics can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Halal cosmetics reduces the risk of allergies, as the main ingredients consist of natural oils and  natural resources.

Today the market of halal cosmetics is gaining its momentum, but, despite this, the number of plants for the production of halal cosmetics is still very limited. In Kazan, the following manufacturers: “Myustela”, “Baraka”, “SKCosmetics”. The peculiarity of this makeup is that it consists only of natural resources, and that is encouraging, it is produced in Kazan.

Company “Myustela” is on the Tatarstan market since 1993. Recently, it drew attention to the sector of products for Muslims. And the share of halal cosmetics in the company's products is growing.

“The cream of the line “Myustela” are very well suited to Russian frozen climate. The skin is really protected.

“Baraka” - one of the producers of halal cosmetics presented in Kazan. This company is engaged in the production of cosmetics made ​​from natural coconut oil and black cumin. Oils of natural origin have the immune stimulating properties and do not contain any unwanted impurities. Black seed oil has antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, protective qualities and gives the body the power. In addition, it is widely used in medicine of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

In addition to the companies mentioned in Kazan in August this year opened a boutique store “Halalbeauty”. There you can find products from different suppliers, Russian and foreign ones. Halalbeauty also plans to start a cosmetics from Malaysia and England. The administrator of this store, Jamila, told a few words about this Halal project: “All the provided range of goods in our shop meets the standards of Halal. It does not contain animal fats, artificial flavorings and colorings, GMOs, made without harmful impacts of radiation and without alcohol. There are cosmetic products for children”.

The beauty standard


Touching on the issue of health, we can not forget the hadith of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), who said: “Appreciate five things before they were replaced by five others: life before the coming of death, health to sickness, riches to poverty, free time to complete employment, youth to old age”. From this hadith that you can not use harmful to the body. However, in the modern world, it is difficult. Food, household products, cosmetics, water and even air contain harmful components and chemicals.

Literally a century ago, our ancestors were faced with harmful influence of their environment, and the Muslims have not had a major risk of using haram in personal hygiene. Thus, modern Muslims are forced to either return to the natural healing properties and remember the beauty recipes of their grandmothers, or of the product, which offers us a halal producers.

Alsou Khalieva

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