Some of the Muslims clearly lost...


It has long been obvious that there is allied relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Syrian crisis has highlighted the verge of tacit friendship of these two brotherly countries, and recent events have made fact of political reality  of the friendship of Riyadh and Tel Aviv. As they say, murder will out: it is about working together agents of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, and Saudi officials on the plan of a possible attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Information about this touching alliance published in The Sunday Times. The reason for the development of joint plans now two cronies, - Saudi Arabia and Israel – has become Iran's nuclear program.

Although the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always claimed and continues to claim that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, confidence in the alleged Iranian official enough. Thus, UN Security Council adopted resolutions and other decisions requiring Iran to ensure transparency of its nuclear program and to prove it exclusively peaceful purposes. The United States along with its allies and Israel have gone further and, without proof, began to accuse Tehran that under the guise of peaceful nuclear energy program in the country is developing nuclear weapons. As a result, from July 1, 2012 European Union after the United States imposed an embargo on imports of Iranian oil. So the West is trying to force Tehran to abandon the program to gain access to nuclear energy.

In general, the obvious happened, though improbable. What's going on in the Islamic world, if the Muslims are united with Israel against other Muslims? Some of the Muslims clearly lost...

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