Sochi - 2014 in The World Press: 60 Presidents And 100 Thousand $ For A Medal


The global information field strained to the limit: with just hours to go before the opening ceremony in Russia's Winter Olympics. Western news media have focused on forecasts relating to boycott the Games, political and security issues.

The Wall Street Journal presented its own forecast of the results of the Olympic games. According to the edition first place at the Games will take Norway with the result in 33 medals, second place - the U.S. with 32 medals. Edition does not say who will take the third place, however, according to the Wall Street Journal, "should focus attention on the Russins".

The Independent notes that the political issues at the Games can go by the wayside as soon as the competition itself will begin. Rule number 50 of the Olympic Charter prohibits athletes from making political statements during the Games, and as a correspondent for the newspaper writes, if these games are like most others, as soon as will begin competition, the policy goes on the second plan.

But if the topic ban gay propaganda in Russia became the basis for a series of European publishers, the remaining players of the information field focused on the unique character of the current Olympiad. So, for example, Turkish "Radikal", pointed out two key features that make the Sochi Olympics unique is holding this kind of international competitions in the subtropics, and that after the Summer Olympic games in Moscow in 1980 for Russia this is the second Olympics in respect of which there have been calls for a boycott.

The Iranian news agency "Irna" referred to the peacekeeping initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, called all conflicting parties on all continents and in all countries to announce a cease-fire during the Olympic games. In particular this applies to the conflicting parties in Syria.

Journalists of the most influential Chinese newspaper "People's Daily" rated "excellent" convenience built in Sochi infrastructure, high standards of quality and effectiveness of the implemented project.

The Polish newspaper "Newsweek Polska" noted that, unfortunately, in the Western media of Sochi dominant "cultural-dressing" theme. Criticism was directed on the impermanence of journalists, the praise of the implementation of the Sochi project, unhappy that flows not mineral from tap, and the floors are not covered with Persian rugs.


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