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  • Live broadcast «Discussions» and «Heart-to-heart conversation».

We discuss a range of various topics on radio “Azan”. To name a few: astronomy, politics, culture, robotics technology, spiritual values, successful business, etc! Live broadcasting starts on Tuesday with Ilmir Khabibullin author programme “Heart-to-heart conversation”.
Recent news is discussed every Wednesday and Thursday at 1 p.m. with Ikhsan Kishkarov and Aigul Sharipova in the programme “Discussions”.

Join us at our live broadcasting! Keep up with the news! Leave your comments in our official group “Radio Azan” at VK:


Would you like to know what the Prophet of Allah advised us as far as our health and treatment of various diseases are concerned? Our new programme “Prophetic Medicine” will help you to learn secrets of healthy lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Listen to our daily programme “Prophetic Medicine”. The programme is transmitted both in Russian and Tatar.

  • “Fatwas”

Sharia-based legal opinion of qualified Muslim scholars on certain issues. Fatwa is based on Quran, the Prophet’s Sunnah and opinion of those Islamic scholars who are respected by the one who gives a certain fatwa. Mufti Kamil Samigullin is among them. In this programme, you will be able to find answers to various questions about the belief system, code of behavior and human relations in a society in accordance with the Hanafi law. The programme “Fatwas” is transmitted in both Russian and Tatar.

  • «Parables»

Parables taken from the book “Masnavi” are the source of wisdom. The book is considered to be an encyclopedia of morale which is never out of date. You will listen to short stories on air. The stories are engaging and interesting which makes it easier to get the message across. “Parables” allow us to look at ourselves from the outside. They cannot hurt us. Instead, they give us a hint and teach us a lot. “Parables” explain to us divine principles which we should follow to be happy. The programme “Parables” is transmitted both in Russian and Tatar.

  • “Woman in Islam”

Sincere… well-mannered…righteous… Woman in Islam…

Radio “Azan” programme “Woman in Islam” is about woman’s rights and obligations.

Special project of the radio “Azan”: “Be wary of this: Sects!!!”

They are under a delusion and they make others make mistakes. They cover their deeds by the name of Allah. However, they contradict Quran and Sunnah. They eradicate themselves and people alike. Who are they? You should know everything about them not to become victims in both worlds.

  • About the radio “Azan”

Muslim online radio station “Azan”  started broadcasting in 2013. The founder is the Tatarstan Muslim Religious Organisation.

The radio broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Russian, Tatar, Arabic and Turkish languages. The radio team is doing its best to get across true values of Islam, show its peaceful nature and demonstrate to the audience that our faith is based on the principles of peacefulness, good neighbourly relations, mutual respect and understanding.

Our programmes are interesting, informative and of high quality. You can listen to the programmes about religion, literature, current news, culture and society on our radio. Tatar imams read their sermons every day. Leading theologists, social activists and experts are invited to discuss the most crucial and interesting issues on air. Live transmission of the Friday sermon of Kazan Kul Sharif mosque is presented every Friday. Call for prayer (azan) is performed on a timely manner.

In addition to this, lovers of sitting far into the night can enjoy listening to Quran recitation at night.


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