Muslims perceived with a heavy heart two attacks which happened in Volgograd, Russia


Yesterday there was a tragedy in Volgograd. As a result of the terrorist attack at the train station at the hands of evildoers were killed and injured dozens of people.

Those who committed this evil and inhuman act cannot be called human beings, they are worthy of punishment both in this world and in that other. Whoever did this, they have nothing to do with religion, for it never calls kill innocent people! Terrorists again entrenched on the most sacred and inviolable – a life given us by Allah.

The terrorists do not have a human face. Their atrocities in our eyes have no excuse, for the Holy Quran teaches us that the death of one innocently killed is equal to the destruction of all mankind. Done in the city of Volgograd is a terrible sin. It is a challenge to universal values, all of us, to all those whose aim is the creative peaceful life, full of goodness and mercy.

Muslims mourn the untimely death. We extend our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims. In these days of sorrow, we, along with the residents of Volgograd are experiencing the pain of irretrievable loss.


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