Muslims In The XXII Olympic Winter Games In Sochi


XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi will be the second in the history of Russia since 1980, and the first winter games. At the Olympics representatives of 88 countries, the opening ceremony will bring together leaders of some of them.

Among the athletes participating in the Olympic Games in Sochi there are Muslims who came from all parts of the world. For believers of all traditional confessions in the Olympic villages there are special conditions for prayers and practices of their religion. The Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Adygea and Krasnodar Krai Askerbiy Hadzhibievich Kardanov told the correspondent of Islam-Today in a telephone conversation about conditions created for Muslims.

- Assalamu alaikum.

- Wa Alaikum Assalam.

- Askerbiy Hadzhibievich, how go the preparations for the games, everything is completed, you are ready to meet the athletes Muslims?

- Everything is ready for the meeting, we checked a month ago, no problem.

- What kind of infrastructure is provided exclusively for Muslims?

- Halal food is guaranteed for all who wish. And not only for Muslims. Jews, for example, will eat their standard of food provided by their religion. Halal food is guaranteed and controlled by our Spiritual Board of Muslims. The imams of the Spiritual administration of Adygea and Krasnodar Krai are also there. In the Coastal, Mountain and Additional Mining Olympic villages have prayer rooms for all the traditional confessions - Orthodox Christians, Christians in the Western rite, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. And only Muslims separate prayer rooms for men and women, two rooms on the village, while the rest of the confessions got one. In every village there are two of our imam and two volunteers. Imams with higher religious education, they know Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Adyghe languages. With them volunteers, who have knowledge of several languages, students and repatriate of Adygea Circassians, who had lived in Syria, Turkey, Israel, France, the Netherlands and the United States, and accordingly skills in the languages of countries from which they came. Currently they are all citizens of Russia.

- How many Muslim athletes arrive to participate in the games?

- We have no such information, but we are willing to accept any amount?

- Are you planning to conduct Friday Juma prayers?

- Yes, Juma prayers will be held.

- What will be the language of the preaching?

- Sermon will be in Arabic, with simultaneous translation into English, so that everyone can understand its content.

- Do not you feel any problems in the organization?

- No problem. There are luxury accommodation, four meals a day, and all conditions in hotels for imams. The participants of the organization not immediately received accreditation, about half a year we have been carefully checked by the security service. We checked it all for a month before the games started out. Brought carpets, Islamic literature, including Qurans in Arabic and Russian. There will be no problems, InshaAllah, we are ready for the Olympics and welcome the athletes-Muslims.

Rinat Gabbassov

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