Money or Knowledge?

Money or Knowledge?



From the first minutes after birth, the child begins to learn everything. Some children begin to speak at the age of two years, and some even earlier. But how can a child can learn even if he does not understand what is good and what is bad?

Knowledge accrue not only through their own efforts, but also accumulate due to the properties given by God, that is, sight, hearing, smell, etc. Proper use of the bounty of Allah - another way to express gratitude to Allah.

Many people are asking the question of the importance of knowledge. The hadith says:

"For every Muslim is required aspiration to knowledge".

This hadith says that the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, but it is important that the sense in which knowledge is seen here?

Every person who can afford the tuition, continuing education and complete it as a PhD and an MA in individual subjects, but the hadith says: "Every Muslim". What is the difference between a Muslim and non-Muslim, if we all acquire the same knowledge? The emphasis on "every Muslim" in this hadith indicates knowledge, especially for Muslims who follow from Din (religion) of Allah.

Money and Wealth

Everyone has a need for food, shelter, clothing, etc. Each person has to make in order to meet their basic needs.
Of course, people need to earn in order to meet their needs, but what is the difference between the income of Muslims and non-Muslims? Muslims must make money halal way, that is, it is prohibited theft, fraud or a job that is contrary to Islam, in places such as bars, nightclubs, gambling clubs, etc.

Once a person has earned enough money, he must pay zakat, which is also required if all the conditions are satisfied.


Differences - listed below - are mentioned by our righteous predecessors and fully explain the difference between those who are running after money and neglect Din (religion) of Allah, and those who spend their lives in Allah's way, just for fun.

One day a man came to Ali Hazrat and asked him, "What do I accumulate knowledge or wealth?" Ali Hazrat said: Accumulate knowledge, because the accumulation of knowledge is more profitable, than getting the wealth".

The man then asked about the benefits of getting knowledge to wealth, then Ali Hazrat replied:

• Knowledge of the inheritance of the Prophets (peace be upon them), and wealth - the inheritance of Pharaoh and Karun.

• The more knowledge you get, the better you become in the eyes of the people, the more wealth you get, the more people do not like you because of jealousy.

• Over time, the value of money decreases, and the importance of knowledge increases.

• The wealth should be protected, while knowledge protects yourself.

• You will always be afraid of theft of money and knowledge can not be stolen.

• In the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask you two questions about your wealth, how it was earned and spent. These two issues will relate to wealth, and the only question is regarding knowledge - how you worked in the accumulation of knowledge?

• Knowledge can help in getting the money, but money can not buy knowledge.

• The excess money is the cause of pride.

Once Muhammad Shafi Hazrat asked the queastion his disciples: "What is knowledge?" One of the disciples said, "What you need to know," another said, "That must be recognized." Similar, other students expressed their views on what it means to the concept of knowledge. Muhammad Shafi Hazrat disappointed. After a while, a student asked Hazrat what it means to knowledge, then Hazrat said,
"Knowledge - it is light, below which you can not resist not to act in accordance with it, and as long as you act in accordance with it, you will be happy . The value of knowledge and the burden of knowledge".

The difference between people who are running for the money and those who went in the way of Allah for obtaining of knowledge, is briefly explained above.

This does not mean that people should quit earn money in order to receive knowledge, so as to earn money for the family is not less important. The main thing is to admit that the extra money can destroy human life in this and future worlds. In addition, if you study the DIN (religion) of God, Inshallah, this will be of great benefit in both worlds.

What do we do with all the "extra-earned" money? Once we leave this world, money will remain, we do not take them with us. Money does not bring us a favor and do not facilitate life in the next life. While the knowledge that we gain, helps us to safely pass this life and will help us in the afterlife to answer the questions of the angels, etc. Those who earn the money can improve the future in the next life, spending it the right way, helping the poor and needy. You are part of the Ummah.

Remember that a person with knowledge is better than the rich man.

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